Sunday, April 30, 2017

Jellyfish is recruiting!

Jellyfish Animation is looking for Jr Character animators and Mid Character Animators across it's 3 South London studios on Dennis & Gnasher, Floogals (Series 2) and on Bitz & Bob. You must be proficient in Maya. Has you previously applied and now have more experience and a new showreel? Are you a Jr fresh out of Animation School and looking for your first job or looking for your 2nd animation job where you can develop your cartooney animation style, please apply. We are looking new raw talent. Get in touch - it's a cool place to work. All applicants must have a UK work Visa or EU passport and must apply via the website

Friday, April 28, 2017

CAA Design: Star Trek Into Darkness Title Design

This little 'making of' really conveys the importance of creativity, playfulness, adaptation and thinking practically when it comes to designing solutions to problems.

CAA Design: Lost & Found or The World's Largest Collection Of Rustic Automata / Blair Somerville

Watch this lovely short film about rustic automata designer/maker, Blair Somerville, and ache for a simpler life...

CAA Cinema: We Sleep: On The Enduring Propheticism Of John Carpenter's THEY LIVE

CAA One-A-Day: Project Literacy - The Alphabet Of Illiteracy

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

FAO CAA Year 3: Dates For Your Diary: Branding & Creative Enterprise Workshops Monday May 22nd & Tuesday 23rd May

Attention 3rd Years! 2 dates for your diary - Monday 22nd / Tuesday 23rd May. I've organised Stephen Davies from UCA's Enterprise Dept. to visit the CAA baseroom and run a 2 day workshop on getting you lot up to speed in terms of preparing to leave the nest and go your own way. I'll post more specific info (start times etc) on here in the very near future - so watch for further announcements.

FAO CAA Year 2: Updated Timetable for Download

Attention year 2: 

An updated timetable is now available for download from MyUCA or from Scribd (above).

FAO Year 2: This weeks timetable / clarification

This weeks timetable / clarification.

Tuesday 25th April: No Sculpting (Final Class is the 2nd May)
Wednesday 26th April: Acting
Thursday 27th April: Maya (Afternoon)
Friday 28th April: Drop in Tutorials (Afternoon)

Monday, April 24, 2017

CAA Alumni: Dayle (Class of 2013) Sanders's Life After Graduation

Dayle Sanders

Hi there, my name is Dayle. I graduated from Computer Animation Arts in 2013 (“Computer Generated Arts and Animation”, as the course was known as back then!) I currently work as a Junior Animator/ Animation Fixer at Jellyfish Pictures in London. It's great to be able to share with you today what I have been up to and offer my industry perspective too, as a former classmate and fellow Rochester alumni.

For my final major project, "Kinnaree", I collaborated with Andriana Laskari - my classmate in the same year. Here is our graduation film below, and “Hemaraj” too; a dog-like creature who only wants to play.

"Kinnaree": The story is inspired by Thai Mythology and involves two creatures of the magical Himmapan forest; a legendary forest that lies between Heaven and Earth in the Himalayas. The art direction stems from Buddhist & Lai Thai art as seen on the actual characters and the environment surrounding them.

Shortly after graduating, I interned for A+C Studios in 2013 for three months, which soon kicked off my first industry role as a Freelance Motion Graphics Artist and Animator with the company. A+C are an award winning stop motion animation company based in Margate, a seaside town in the South East tip of England. I worked on unedited footage (rushes), stop motion VFX and produced digital illustrations and animations for explainer videos - short videos that aim to promote a business, service, idea, app or products. As well as on occasion, assisting at animation workshops and team-building events around the country, including clients. EDF, Unilever and Jaguar.

Working beside a talented crew of compassionate story-makers and story-lovers, you are aware of the hard-working labour that is being actively invested into the art form. You learn to recognise it's not easy, quick, or cheap. The stop motion work is smothered with love and care and it shows. Here are a few examples below of a motion graphics explainer video and stop motion animation I was involved with:

  A+C Studios specialise in stop motion / stop-frame animation.

 Explainer video - Would Love To Go

This promo focuses on two characters — Jane and Kate, with their individual experiences in meeting new people online. The narrative looks at a free & paid subscription dating sites and how the characters interact with them.

A+C Harrod's Christmas advert 2014 featuring the voice of Jane Horrocks

“With stop motion animation known for its unique story-telling ability, A+C Studios were approached by TBWA/London to create ‘The Land of Make Believe’, an animated fairy tale of the story behind Harrods’ iconic Christmas lights.”

In an effort to rekindle my 3d roots, I decided in 2015 it was time for me to seek out new challenges. I gravitated toward London to see where else I could continue developing myself. The doors opened when I acquired the Production Runner role at Jellyfish Pictures. There was also vacancies for Junior Animators, but I was inexperienced for the role. By applying for the Runner role and embarking on this route to build up in this way, I began to learn in and around the sea of potential, the many departments that contribute toward the production outside of animation. It restructured my perception and I discovered other roles that exist behind-the-scenes! 

I started mid-production as a Runner for “Floogals”, a children's animated series shot in a real house with photo-real-CGI aliens. For the duration of the production, my duties included editing assisting, 3d layout, and ad hoc. Assisting the crew in-and-out of the studio and on the film set. Live-action footage plates are shot and the CG characters and props are composited onto them.

"Jellyfish worked with Zodiak Kids to help bring Floogals to life, creating and animating characters for approximately 500 minutes of animation."

Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed from Beano Studios for CBBC
Jellyfish Pictures

At the start of the year, I became a Junior Animator/ Animation Fixer on Jellyfish's new production, Dennis the Menace. Actioning intersections, asset replacing, and animation alterations. I work on a few shots myself from time-to-time, too! From character, prop and environment layout in Maya, to polished animation approval.


Since then - and in a pursuit to specialise in animation - I've been studying on an animation course, iAnimate, which is great practise for boosting the skill. It works in tandem with on-the-job performance. Here is a short animation below of the character reach assignment on the course:

I recommend filling your life up with motivational material, books, videos, incrementally improving yourself post-graduation because it does not end there. There's not a moment you do not sponge up some sort of creative information. 

It's really scary after you graduate, to dive off of the diving board into the “real world”, but it doesn't have to be. Subscribe to the idea that the industry is relentless, hard and uncertain - because it is. But it is so much fun and this contrast matters a great deal, there's a strong sense of pride and potential that comes with it. The real practise arises when you completely allow the process and go in with an attitude of embracing commitment. You'll continually understand that this giant combination of emotions is worth every moment. Be nice and smile, be polite. Network and grease the relations. Be malleable and be open to being amazed and immersed everyday. Become close friends with your peers and superiors, and that is helpful, because in life its sometimes who you know too! 

FAO Yr 3: 18 Days Until Major Project Submission

Friday, April 21, 2017

What gender is, what gender does...

New book available in the library for any of you considering 'gender' as essay subject material -

'What gender, is what gender does' by Judith Roof
155.33 ROO

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Supplement: Moments vs Scenes

Moments vs Scenes

We're almost reaching that period of the year where the summer blockbusters will start taking over the cinemas. One of the biggest releases last year was Batman vs Superman directed by Zack Synder. After the film arrived last year the Internet immediately filled with discussions about why the film didn't work. In the film essay above the 'Nerdwriter' tries to answer that question by discussing how a preoccupation with cinematic moments can impact on story. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Friday, April 14, 2017

The Supplement: 3D Sculpting in Virtual Reality

During the sculpting class’s I spoke about how technology changed over the last 25 years and how my approach to sculpting has reflected those changes throughout my career. In the video above is one of the latest developments in the sculpting industry - Virtual reality sculpting using the Oculus Medium. Think ZBrush / Mudbox meets a physical sculpting studio. Whats interesting about this setup is that it brings together the physical with the digital in a manner, which means an intermediary interface such as a graphics tablet is removed. Is that a good thing or bad thing? There are a generation of 3D modellers out there who have never touched clay and prefer a graphics tablet? It’s an interesting development and if it were to catch on a skill base change.

In the second video another traditional method of modelmaking is being employed digitally - 'Kitbashing'. Back in the day props, sets, and vehicles (amongst other things) started life as model kits (Airifx for example). Hundreds of model kits were bought from toy shops and cannibalised to create unique assets. So, next time you look at an X-wing or Star Destroyer look out for parts of a WW2 Aircraft Carrier - Their in there somewhere.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

CAA One-A-Day: Space Sex Is A Serious Business

This is fascinating for a bunch of reasons - not least for its mixed media/collaged approach to image-making, which I think is really exciting and asks some interesting questions about our expectations of computer animation.

CAA One-A-Day: Cream

This is disturbing... I like it!

CAA One-A-Day: All The Things

The Supplement: Casey Curran

"Brass wire and liquid plastic flutter open and close like flowers in time lapse, driven by motorized mechanisms within the wooden scaffolding below. Bequeath These Seeds was created by kinetic sculptor Casey Curran for the Bellevue Arts Museum biennial show Metalmorphosis, a showcase of metal as a medium."  

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

FAO CAA All Years: Maya Help & Alan's Schedule

If anyone has any project questions or needs Maya help I will be in the University this week on:

Wednesday 12th April and Thursday 13th April

Thanks Alan

Monday, April 10, 2017

FAO Everyone: Tutor Phil's System Failure

Just letting you know that, unfortunately, my trusty laptop has chosen this moment to die a death and has been sent for repair.  All this means is that my 'online-ness' may not be as encompassing as usual and there may be a delay in terms of my responsiveness to emails and blogposts.  Not sure when I'll be getting the laptop back, but with Easter coming up I predict it won't be for a while yet :(

Trailer: Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Looks like Guardians Of The Galaxy is influencing more of the Marvel universe - which is clearly no bad thing.  This sequel looks tremendous fun!

FAO CAA Yr 2: Dissertation Proposal Feedback Proformas @ Your Ucreative Accounts

Your Dissertation Proposal feedback proformas are available now at your Ucreative email accounts. If Mavernie Cunningham has suggested new book lists, sort them now and get the reading under your belt. It's now likely you'll need to tweak/re-visit your chapter/paragraph structures.  This is normal and to be expected - not cause for panic or throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  Many of you have committed to writing your draft dissertation over the Summer recess period; if you want to maximise your time and energy in term 1 of year 3, you'll make good on this commitment and ensure you've got a 8000 word draft for Friday, October 27th - hand-in for draft dissertations.

If your proforma hasn't arrived, let me know and I'll investigate.  Many thanks.

FAO Year 3: 32 Days Until Major Project Submission

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Tombola Of Dreams 2017 : And The Winners Are...

A great big thank you to everyone who bought tickets for this year's Tombola Of Dreams, raising funds for New Designers 2017.  It was a really fun event - and special thanks must go to Charlie Serafini - balloon wrangler - and to his glamorous consultants, Becky Stapley and Ruth Cann, for the extraordinary array of 'Easter bonnets'!  Another big thank you to Jackie Hagan for some mouth-watering editions to the Tombola Prize table - and of course, to Paul at Sound In The City, Lucas at GarageFarm.NET, Mel at 3D Total, Tim at PropStore, and Gemma at Dovetail Games - for your continuing support.

Sigh... I don't think I've ever been happier

Jack: 'I know, Kayleigh - so postmodern.'

Now, that's what I call a prize table!

Charlie & friend

Last minute budget cuts to the new Power Rangers film were starting to show...

The fabled Tombola Of Dreams awaits!

Too much?

Kav rocks her pink and yellow flower hat with admirable dignity

'Take me to your leader...'

CAA gets its ducks in a row

Also available for children's parties

Phil: 'Tombola of Dreams blah blah blah'
Alan:  'I can't believe I'm actually wearing this hat.'

And so it begins!

'I wonder if I can eat this?'

Mark Bridgland 'ducks' the limelight...


'More sugar! Perfect!'

Tumo: 'A cardboard tube? Really?'
Charlie: 'I just love this hat so much.'

Phil: 'I know, I know - I'm looking fabulous in this outfit.'
George: 'Oh dear God...'

While Noah goes cross-eyed with delight at winning another prize, Mike Brook concentrates more of his telepathic powers on the man in the rabbit suit... 'That's right, pick me again, do it, do it!'

Inspired by the release of Beauty & The Beast, Douy does his famous impression of a human candle-stick holding a mushroom...


As Mads wins the Game Of Thrones dragon eggs, the rest of are left wondering from where she got her mini-Mike earring?

'And the Oscar for most Star Wars-y t-shirt goes to...'

Through gritted teeth - 'A weird glowing thing in a dark cellar - no, honestly, Phil - it's just what I wanted...'

Seriously - again?

'But it's my Easter basket...'

'A giant sci-fi themed beanbag?! For me!? Fabulous, darling!' 

'Hi, is that Bradley? Yeah, it's the Easter Bunny here. Guess what?  You've just won a Nintento Switch!'

Charlie 'Five Prizes' Serafini