Friday, September 30, 2011

Inspiration - The Third and the Seventh

Production Art: Treasure Planet (2002)

Character designs and backgrounds from Disney's 2002 animated feature Treasure Planet - courtesy of Living Lines.

FAO CGAA Year 1 - Your Mentors Announced!

Important notice for all Year 1 CGAA students - your mentors are announced below.  Your mentor's name is hyperlinked to their respective blogs.  Please ensure you are following your mentor's blog.  Leave a comment, introducing yourself and summarising briefly your strengths and weaknesses in terms of your prior experience with software, drawing, academic writing etc., and your progress so far with Unit 1.  

If and when you have a specific query for your mentor, you'll need to target your blog posts for their attention. You can do this by entitling your blog posts thus - '@ (name of mentor)'.  If your mentor cannot help, then take your query/question/problem onto the group blog, using your 'class of 2011' log in.

Your mentors have been requested by me to keep an eye out for good practice and not-so good practice; if you're doing something really well and it catches your mentor's eye, your mentor will encourage you.  If you're headed for disaster or shooting yourself in the foot, your mentor will warn you and may advise alternate approaches.  Please listen to them.  They have a wealth of insight, having experienced many crits, interim crits, presentations, pitches, written assignments and stressful deadlines, so, if they give you the benefit of their experience - however direct - you should welcome it.

So go introduce yourselves - your mentors are expecting you.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

YouAnimator Website

What is YouAnimator?

YouAnimator is a place to showcase your demo-reel or short animation! Stop sending your demos to studios to add to their pile of CDs and video tapes. If you are an aspiring animator – eager to be discovered, this is your page. Our goal is to create a central site on which the world’s best character animators can show off their demo reels – and be discovered – may they be in India, Argentina, Norway, Iceland, the US or any place in the world.

What’s YouAnimator’s purpose?

Our purpose is to help you achieve your dreams as an animator actor: to be discovered as a character animator. Here you can create your own portfolio page – and send its URL to friends and collegues and companies. YouAnimator is also a site where you can learn from each other and each other’s work. There is a LEARNING menu button that will take you to the SWEATBOX – page. The Sweatbox is where your work-in-progress can be critiqued by others. And we’ll give you some tools to practice your trade. We’ve uploaded a few animatable character rigs (under DOWNLOAD) that you can use to create short animations with.

Go here. 

The Supplement: John Chamberlain

“American sculptor John Chamberlain is internationally known for his long career of creating vibrantly colored, dynamic sculptures from crushed, twisted and bent automobile parts. Inspired by the scale, color and impulsive creation of Abstract Expressionist work, Chamberlain was a pioneering force through his use of found materials and diverse colors. While also experimenting with a variety of sculptural media, as well as with film and painting, he greatly impacted many generations of artistic movements, including Minimalism and Pop Art, and continues to create inventive work today.”

Though it perhaps it may seems odd that I’m featuring this artist in relation to Unit 1, surprisingly the organic sculptures of John Chamberlain share much in common with what the First Years are trying to achieve with their digital paintings by hybridizing with an animal at the genetic level. Here though, the hybridization exists and follows the rules within the ’universe of cars’ as opposed to the ‘universe of people’. I imagine these sculptures as embryonic, primordial car cells– becoming disfigured and manipulated at the most basic genetic level.

The Supplement: Ian Mcque

He is a Scotish artist working as an assistant director and lead concept artist at Rockstar North.  When it comes to advice he says: "Good observational skills are crucial if the viewer is going to believe in the world you're presenting to them...I'd advise any artist not to discard  traditional materials for digital". For him it is gathering the reference in a form of sketchbook and photographs, endless drawing till the idea is trully captured and looking for for places of inspiration. 

His first blog is showcasing digital work:

And the second one contains  traditionally created artworks/ practices :

He openly shares tips and explains his proces in detail at Imaginefx
and  exceptional concepts continue attracting attention of other interesting companies, such as Industria Mechanica, which produce and promote really original model designs.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Incoming 2011: CGAA Year 1 - New Blogs 13

another one!

Friday's Photoshop Lesson 30/09/2011

Hello all first years!!! Wanted to say good to meet you all last Friday, I was impressed with your enthusiasm and eagerness to learn Photoshop, some of you from scratch. First lesson is always a little heavy on shortcuts and explanations about the process but as we move into the next few weeks we'll begin working more specifically on how to use custom brushes to create some great effects for your individual hybrids. Just wanted to ask you all to make sure you bring all the photoshop work you've done so far and all the sketchbook work too, so we have something to work with on Friday. Look forward to seeing how you're all progressing this week.. Draw! Draw! Draw! 'Photoshop' Phill

Free tickets to Anifest?!

Fancy winning some free tickets to Anifest?

In Coraline, which British comedy duo voiced Miss Spink & Miss Forcible? First to call 01227 281966 and answer correctly wins a pair of tickets to all three Coraline events!


Hay guys. Im trying to take photo's of my life drawing but keep getting shadows all over it and look horid. tryed having lights on and off yet still getting these shadows.
Anyone got any tips on how they have taken there photos and how to avoid making it look horid?


Quick Question-

Are Alan or Phil in and available today in Uni?

Need some advice regarding minor project.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Incoming 2011: CGAA Year 1 - New Blogs 12

I think this may be the last one, ladies and gents... 

The Supplement: Ryan Firchau

Firchau was one of artists, whose work I began to follow when firstly I joined blogger. His abilities in character design range from different mediums and are a truly inspiration for me.

Ryan Firchau

'With over a decades worth of experience in the video games industry I have worked in almost every area of art production in a games development cycle. My primary focus has always been creating characters and creatures. I have been very fortunate to have released games on Nintendo platforms as well as playing vital roles in the launch of titles for both the Xbox 360 and most recently for Kinect. I have also freelanced as an illustrator and created images for book covers and Albums.' 

 Lately, he began to do another project involving hybrids, chimeras and beasts, therefore I found relevant to share his work with you and in hope to inspire any 1st years.
Although his work on this last project focus on the hybridisation of 2 or 3 animals, it is nonetheless a great take on creating new beasts which incorporate the 2 animals. 


Student Discount for Maya?

Hello, my name's Nick Baker and i'm a first year BA Hons CGAA and i was wondering if anyone knows about any information on how to get hold of a student discount code that you can use on the internet to be able to download Autodesk Maya for free for the first year, i don't know if this is true but from what i have been told i think it is, i just don't know how to get hold of the code thats all lol
Any information would be much appriciated, thank you

Monday, September 26, 2011

Incoming 2011: CGAA Year 1 - New Blogs 11

For the most up-to-date list of all first year blogs go here.

Sketch Jam 2 - Photos!

24/09/11 - The Photos!

We had a great sketch jam on Saturday, and it definitely helped having a fun theme. Here are some photos from our meet:

It all gets a bit much for andrianna...

Creative Juice!

Our underlying theme for the afternoon was 'anatomy', and what better way to study it than by drawing zombies! In all seriouness, deconstructing something, drawing it in a decayed or broken state requires a solid knowledge of how it looks/works as a whole. Zombies only look great if they're anatomically correct in their decomposing.

Round 1: Zombie Ballerina

Round 2: Mutated/Radioactive Zombie

Round 3: Draw the person opposite you as a zombie!

Drawn by Josh

Drawn by Jono

Drawn by Jolanta

Drawn by Nat

Unless someone else feels like organising one, there wont be a sketch jam next weekend as I'll be off helping out at Canterbury Anifest. But after that, we'll really get the ball rolling. A load of people were unable to come to this one, so it'll be great to you in the future!

And on that bombshell...