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Post With The Most 31/10/2015

At time of going to print, it's Halloween - but there are no tricks in this October edition of the Computer Animation Arts Post With The Most - only treats and an impressive haul of eye-candy! We're not even at the halfway stage of term one, and already our busy community of student blogs is pumping out some extraordinary stuff.  When it comes to putting the PWTM together each month, it's a lot like being a child in some enormous unsupervised sweetshop - a case of gimme, gimme, gimme! What is the visual equivalent of a sugar-rush?  I don't know, but you might experience one as you digest this little lot - beginning with these final paintings from our year one concept art project.

Our newest recruits were given five short weeks as concept artists on an animated adaptation of Italo Calvino's genre-defying novel, Invisible Cities - a curious book in which each chapter presents the reader with a fabulous city, richly described.  Calvino gives us cities on stilts and c…