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CAA @ New Designers 2017 - The Build-Up #5

As of today, we're pretty much prepared for Monday's big get-in at the Business Design Centre... All the heavy stuff has been schlepped from the lwr 4th to reception and, more excitingly, CAA's bespoke inflatable 2 metre-sized brain, courtesy of Megaflatables, arrived in its own rather natty drawstring bag!  

Graduation 2017 / Congratulations!

Congratulations to everyone who did the Royal Festival Hall walk today!  You all looked very fine in your caps and gowns - that is, before you started chucking them about.  I looked high and low for the rest of you and couldn't find anyone else, so these few photographs are hardly representative of the 'Class of 2017', not least because a number of your cohort weren't in attendance today, which in no way diminishes their respective achievements.  If you're reading this and you've got lots of great photos of your own, do please send them my way and I'll put together another showcase.  It might just be, between us, we might even have something like a group shot!  Wherever you went on to next, I hope you had a lovely day with your families and you enjoyed your graduation.  You're a hard working bunch; I don't think other people doing different things will ever know just how hard a CG student has to work just to cross the finish-line - but I know, and …

CAA @ New Designers 2017 - The Build-Up #4

As Summer follows Spring, and as Winter follows Autumn, so must bubble-wrapping begin when the painting concludes...

CAA @ New Designers 2017 - The Build-Up #3

And after the yellow and blue, came the green, the red and the orange!