Thursday, August 30, 2018

CAA Careers: Junior CGI Artist at Burrows

'Are you a creative and enthusiastic design graduate, just itching to get your chance to start working on a bunch of high-profile CGI modelling projects?' - if so, Burrows are looking for you! 

Here's what they say...

We have a fantastic opportunity for you to become a part of our talented CGI team. As Junior CGI Artist, you will assist the modelling team by cleaning and prepping CAD data, and creating high poly and low poly models for a range of high-profile (predominantly automotive) clients. This will include models for online experiences such as AR, animations and real-time experiences as well as printed brochures and other marketing materials.
This is an ideal role for a recent graduate or Junior Artist looking to develop their career.


Full details of the role and how to apply can be found HERE

Friday, August 24, 2018

CAA One-a-Day: Batman Dance Party

Batman Dance Party by Monster Truck Ninja

"None of Batman's greatest heroes and villains can resist dancing to the Batman theme song. We brought together 40-some animated characters from our Instagram page to make this fun dance party montage. Check out all the individual animations and follow us on Instagram here."

Batman Dance Party: Behind the Scenes

Batcave Dance Party: Virtual Reality

Thursday, August 09, 2018

CAA Careers: Calling alumni - Junior Creative Specialist role at Twitter

Twitter are looking for a Junior Creative Specialist based in London!  Because the role requires 2-4 years experience in marketing, sales marketing, sales development, or a related sales support function, this would probably suit an alumni rather than a recent graduate...but if you have just graduated, and feel you have the experience, give it a go!

Here's what they say about the role -

The Brand Strategy team at Twitter works with the world’s top brands and their agencies to develop creative and impactful marketing activations, that get noticed on Twitter.  We’re looking for a talented creative to join our team!
The Creative Specialist is a dynamic, creative storyteller with exceptional design skills. This role is critical in helping develop innovative and disruptive ideas, in articulating ideas & creative solutions in a visually arresting manner, and in bringing them to life through sight, sound and motion. This role provides a great opportunity to work closely with a team of driven & experienced sales and marketing professionals in an extremely fast-paced and rapidly changing environment.
The Creative Specialist should possess strong creative and design skills, as well as significant experience crafting compelling storylines. You have experience building pitch materials, bringing to life ad products visually, mapping out the stages of an idea, and creating narratives and case studies. Additionally, you enjoy brainstorming with team members with the overarching goals of distilling objectives and developing marketing solutions that help our top advertisers succeed on Twitter and beyond.

Full details and how to apply HERE

Monday, August 06, 2018

FAO CAA Yr 3: Your Draft Thesis Hand-in / Friday October 26th - Your 100 Word Day Challenge!

This is a message for our third years-in-waiting!  As of tomorrow, you will have exactly 80 days until your Draft Thesis hand-in - which is Friday, October 26th.  So this is my challenge to you, ladies and gents; I know it's sunny out there and you're probably all wafting about feeling lovely and relaxed, but if - as of tomorrow - you set yourself the challenge of writing just 100 words of your drafts each day, you'd have your complete 8000 words by the deadline!  100 words is nothing at all - indeed, this single paragraph is about 100 words in length already!

So, this is my challenge: 100 words a-day, starting tomorrow.  Let's get these drafts hammered out and off your to-do lists.  After all, you've all got those potentially award-winning films to be getting on with, right?

Oh, and remember these wise words too...