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Are You After A Light Box?

Hi there boys and girls. While I was on the look out for a cheap light box I came one at 24.99 (the cheapest I could find :D ) at Argos. Now there are hardly any in stop at the moment (at least the one near uni is) but if you go on there site (by going HERE) can check stock near you and reserve one, or as I did, order one to be delivered which takes up to two days to be delivered (not counting weekends so would come Tuesday) Amazen also do them quite cheap, though a tad more expensive with 34.99 which is the same as Argos, just made of plastic instead of wood. Also its not called a light box in Argos, its called LightCraft A4 (for some unknown reason it would not come under a light box) Anyways hope that helps anyone whom is in desperate need of getting one :) and if you don't know what to do while waiting for it to come, as Phil said, a laptop screen can be quite handy in times like these :)

Have a nice day all and have a nice Easter.

CGAA Misc: Adobe Kuler

Found this in my travels - Adobe Kuler, a website with a massive archive of colour palettes. Handy little tool for when you're stuck for colour ideas. Because it's user generated content some palettes are good, others not so much, but stick to 'highest rated' or 'most popular' and you'll be okay.

CGAA One-A-Day: LERNZ - Face

Trailer: Rise of the Guardians (2012)

After the 'monster mash-up' of Hotel Transylvania from Sony, here's the trailer for Dreamworks' Rise of the Guardians.  It may just be me (and admittedly the target audience for this film isn't going to be 37 year olds!), but, in design terms, this film just looks all over the place...

Trailer: Hotel Transylvania (2012)

More bloody vampires! :)


The Supplement: George Copeland Ault

"During the turbulent 1940s, artist George Ault (1891-1948) created precise yet eerie picture works of art that have come to be seen, following his death, as some of the most original paintings made in America in those years. The beautiful geometries of Ault’s paintings make personal worlds of clarity and composure to offset a real world he felt was in crisis."

FAO CGAA Yr 1 - Time Machine Symposium - Venue Change for Groups E & F

Important Notice!

Group E: 2.00pm – 3.30pm Group F: 3.30pm – 5.00pm 
The venue for your Research Symposia has changed.  You'll be presenting in Lecture Theatre 2 - that's the lecture theatre next to the library.  There is always the possibility that Group E may overrun by a few minutes, so please wait outside LT 2 quietly until you're invited inside.   You can present your presentations from your blogs as Scribd presentations, but please a bring a back-up pdf on a USB in case of any complications! Please ensure everyone has seen this notice and is aware of the venue change.  Many thanks and see you tomorrow!

CGAA One-A-Day: Mexican Stand-Off

Bill Plympton's animated video for Dutch band, Parsons Brown, featuring his trademark skewed angles, exaggerations, distortions and adult flavour...

and for an insight into Plympton's work and creative philosophy, watch this...



I thought it would be a great to make the graduation rings for all 3rd year UCA students. This is also can become a good tradition. For me these three years were significant part of my entire life. I know that papers will be forgotten and diplomas can be ditched in the basement. But the ring, especially if you won't spare money and order a really good one, can stay with you for the rest of your life. I believe we should organize this for ourselves.

I already talked to the Phil and he also agreed that this is a good idea. Let me know What do you think people ? Thank you for your attention.

The Sweatbox - The documentary Disney doesn't want you to see

"The documentary Sweatbox was filmed by Sting's wife Trudie Styler and never got an official release on a DVD extra presumably because of the horrible light the studio executives were portrayed in. The movie follows the exceptionally troubled production of Kingdom of the Sun, which was later renamed to The Emperor's New Groove."

You may have heard of the documentary before, but is has never been released or shown to the public. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but luckily it has made it's way onto the net. Disney have already tried to remove it from YouTube, so it may not be up for long but it should be a must watch for everyone.

It is difficult to say how accurate this will be, (after all it is directed by Sting's wife) but it is well known that Disney at certain times have turned into a rather com…

FAO Year 3: Major Project Submission Change

Major Project Submission Date

Due to an error on the staff portal the final submission date listed on the current timetable is incorrect (Totalling 16 weeks not 15). In view of this mistake students will be given until Monday 27th May to submit their work (the following Monday after the weekend of the final friday).

Error:Friday 1st June 2012

Correction: Monday 28th May 2012 by 10am

UK Animation to Stay in the UK! (Videogame's too!)

For now it seems! A while back Aardman and other UK animation studios threatened to take work to  other countries because poor tax breaks were making the UK uncompetitive and expensive in the animation industry. However, the new budget introduced yesterday included the much needed breaks which the studio's have been asking for. For now, animation properties should continue to made in the UK. Still, the details remain pretty sketchy.  Similar relief has also been announced to the videogame industry which has suffered very badly over the last couple years.
 Now we only have to worry about the upcoming OAP uprising!
"Wallace & Gromit will continue to be made in the UK, George Osborne claimed in his budget speech, as he unveiled a film industry-style tax break to encourage development in the animation and video game sectors.
The chancellor's financial incentive will also apply …

Adobe CS6 Beta

Download here:

Some articles:

CGAA One-A-Day: Solipsist

Andrew Thomas Huang'sSolipsist is pretty bloody amazing.  Combining bizarre confections of textiles, puppetry, underwater footage, green screen and cgi, it is mesmeric, inexplicable stuff.  Find a spare 10 minutes and some quiet and let it enchant and perplex you - and then watch the Making Of and marvel at how some sub-muppet feather boas become extraordinary creatures of the deep...

Making Of

CGAA One-A-Day: LERNZ - Sync

The latest from Animade/LERNZ - a little something about lip-synching...

FAO CGAA Yr 1: Unit 6 Commission 2011/12 - Dr Klappa's Scenarios Now Available on myUCA

Dr Peter Klappa's cell-cycle/cancer/ageing scenarios are now available on myUCA/Commission/Unit Materials.  Unfortunately, the batteries gave up the ghost on the recording device, which means the accompanying audio recording is incomplete... apologies.  However, be sure to email Peter if you're seeking further clarification on the content of his presentations.

CGAA One-A-Day: 12 Drawings a Day by Denis Chapon

This animation is about the animator drawings 12 times everyday for 3 years. What makes this animation interesting is that it is all instinct with no plan besides drawing 12 frames a day.
Give it a look it is brilliant and fun.

Creature Design: The Abyss (1989)

Before Avatar, there was The Abyss, James Cameron's imperfect disaster-come-science fiction film.  At heart, The Abyss is essentially a love story and, for all its groundbreaking underwater stunts and benign, glowy aliens, the movie's appeal (for me, at least) rests squarely with the gutsy performances of  Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as the estranged couple caught in the middle of all the deep-sea action.  The Abyss is notable for its water tentacle scene - a pioneering moment in the history of  cgi in cinema, but below are some of Moebius's ethereal creature designs for the film's bioluminescent extra-terrestials - courtesy of the great Monster Brains Blog.

Disney expect John Carter to LOSE $200 million!

Wow!John Carter is destined to become one of the biggest box-office failures of all time.

"As a result of the catastrophic performance of the action film on Mars, the studio should lose up to $120 million in the quarter.
John Carter will cause Disney to write down about $200 million, the company said Monday.
During the period ending March 31, Disney's second-fiscal quarter, the studio segment will post a loss of from $80 million-$120 million, the company said.
"In light of the theatrical performance of John Carter ($184 million global box office), we expect the film to generate an operating loss of approximately $200 million during our second fiscal quarter ending March 31," Disney's statement issued Monday said. " As a result, our current expectation is that the Studio segment will have an operating loss of between $80 and $120 million for the second quarter."

Prometheus : More Footage Released

Mainly for you Phil, seeing your past posts around the new Prometheus film, there's been some new trailer releases over last few day.

They bring some more insight to where the film will be taking us, as well as some interesting visuals relating to the Alien universe. Still though, no concluding if it will be a direct link to Alien but it will get you thinking on the subject even more!
So if you haven't pick up on the new trailer releases, take a look.

 - Also a new short viral video has been released, from Ridley's viral campaign for Prometheus.


CGAA One-A-Day: Ruin

Check out this cool short by OddBall Animation, directed by Wes Ball.
Making of

FAO CGAA Year 1: Unit 6 Commission 2011/12 - Brief Available Now!

In preparation for Monday's Unit 6 Commission briefing, visit myUCA/RCGA:1008 Commission/Unit Materials for your project brief etc.  For further insight into Unit 6, visit the Spectacular Science blog here. Use your network of creative partners to spread the word.  I look forward to seeing ALL of you in Lecture Theatre 1 @ 3pm. Please don't be late. This is the beginning of the end of your year one experience, so buckle up - your Fantastic Voyage awaits...

CGAA One-A-Day: The Wonder Hospital

After Andi's Tidy Monster One-A-Day, something in a similarly 'unheimlich' vein - this time, a properly surreal tale about a very strange and very empty hospital and (I think!) body dysmorphia.  It may be my imagination, but the character design for this animation's protagonist reminds me of face-transplant recipient, Isabelle Dinoire.  Give this one some time - it will get its hooks in you...

"The Wonder Hospital" [Full film, 12min]from Beomsik Shimbe Shim on Vimeo.

CGAA Unit 5 Films and Reading References

Hope you're enjoying your animation exercises... and really really hope you are practicing those all important gesture drawings! Remember to upload your homework this evening.

Meanwhile, here are some very useful books, Im sure you already know most of them. Feel free to refer to library copies or buy used ones. They will be of use during and beyond your Unit 5 course.

-Harold Whitaker & John Halas: “Timing for Animation”-Richard Williams: “The Animatorʼs Survival Kit”-Walt Stanchfield: “Drawn to Life: 20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes” Vol.1 & 2-Paul Wells: “Basics Animation: Drawing for Animation”-Paul Wells: “Basics Animation: Storytelling for Animation”-Anima Mundi / Ed. Julius Wiedemann: “Animation Now!”
Here is some animation from BLU, playing with large scale animated morphs.. made on public walls in Beunos Aires. Go herefor Muto, and more from Blu.

And here, its all in the performance... a beautiful study of expressions and characters, a touching story y…

Lost and Found

Hey everyone, I seem to have misplaced my memory stick and I believe it to be in one of the rooms, most properly the small room. If anyone finds it could you please return it to me. I would look for it but unfortunately I cannot get in today :( The only real description of it, is that it is blue with grey ends (if I remember right) and is 4g.

Thanks a bunch

Michael Smallwood.

CGAA One-A-Day: The Tidy Monster

Think a room is not enough to give you goosebumps? Have a look at this. 

CGAA Technical Tutorials Reach 200

CG Arts & Animation Technical Tutorials Reach 200

As of March 2012 the total number of Maya tutorials (and associated software) on offer to students on CG Arts & Animation has reached 200. That's 200 individual tutorials and over 300 videos.

Congratulations all involved!

CGAA One-A-Day: LERNZ 5 - 'Wind'

The latest in the great LERNZ series from ... For the previous 4 go here.

FAO CGAA Yr 1: Unit 5 Animation 2011/12 - Online Greenlight Review Tues 20th March

Tuesday, March 20th is your Animation Online Greenlight Review, for which you need to produce and present two Scribd presentations.
Please note - your OGRs should be presented professionally - which means spell-checked, grammar-checked and designed graphically.  
OGR Presentation 1 should include the following content only.
The premise of your animationThe logline of your animationThe step outline of your animationYour animation script.

OGR Presentation 2 should include storyboarded content, character designs etc. andthe introduction to your proposed written assignment for Unit 5, Your introduction should satisfy the required criteria, e.g. "A clear introductionto your investigation ... should mention the different published sources you have used and your reasons for choosing them.., conclude with a brief summary of the order of points raised."
Please refer to the Rough Guide to Written Assignments - available on myUCA/Animation/Unit Materials - for more really helpful advice on …

Concept Art: Puss In Boots (2011)

Courtesy of Living Lines, an assortment of concept art for Dreamworks' Puss in Boots (2011).