Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Post With The Most New Designers Special Edition 30/06/2015

A very warm mid-Summer welcome to this special edition of the Computer Animation Arts Post With The Most, in which we showcase the work of our graduates exhibiting now at this year's New Designers show at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London.

New Designers is an annual showcase of the very best in graduate design from universities around the UK. New Designers is affiliated with scores of leading companies and organisations which recognise the value of design education and its contribution to the UK's creative industries. Graduates of Computer Animation Arts have won multiple awards at New Designers and secured internships, commissions and employment.

Since the submission of their year three projects, our exhibiting graduates have been working hard to polish their final pieces in readiness for their stint on Upper Street.  It takes perseverance, professionalism and no small amount of grit to roll up your sleeves and go back to a creative project, so it's with real pride and great pleasure that I present to you our Class of 2015 @ New Designers 2015.


Morrigan / Art Of

Emily Clarkson / Showreel 2015

The Silent Story

George Nwosisi / Showreel 2015

The House Always Wins

The House Always Wins / Art Of

Alex Edmonds / Showreel 2015

Vikki Kerslake

The Koi & The Crane

The Koi & The Crane / Art Of

Vikki Kerslake / Showreel 2015

Steven Payne


Franklin / Art Of

Steven Payne / Showreel 2015

Samantha Niemczyk & Peta-Gaye Brown

The Erl King

The Erl-King / Art Of

Samantha Niemczyk / Showreel 2015

Peta-Gaye Brown / Showreel 2015

Kymberly Mumford

Piranesi's Prisons

Piranesi's Prisons / Art Of

The Aqua Marines (Game assets)

The Aqua Marines / Art Of

Akinbiyi Babarinde

Big & Small / Character Turnarounds

Why not come and meet our graduates in person at New Designers 2015?  We're exhibiting at the Business Design Centre from Thursday July 2nd to Saturday 4th.  Come find us at Stand Number VC12 - look out for the ACME factory!

New Designers 2015 - The Build-Up #3

Let's begin with this rather sad image of the Computer Animation Arts baseroom carpet - moments after we'd packed everything into the van in readiness for our trip to the Business Design Centre for the beginning of our week at New Designers 2015.  Note the sawdust, scraps of sandpaper and offcuts of vinyl... and then goggle in amazement as our not-so-little 6m x 6m square of exhibition space on Upper Street, Islington, transforms from a melancholy, bubble-wrapped tabula rasa into a gloriously retro ACME-inspired factory!  New Designers - we're ready for you!

Everything went inside this van / relief + surprise + huh?



Organised chaos?

The master at work!

Cutting, cutting, sticking, sticking...

Getting there.

Sticking, cutting, sticking, cutting...

Cutting, cutting, sticking, cutting...

Smile please...

and now back to work!

The original 3D visualisation...

... and our completed stand at New Designers 2015!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

New Designers 2015 - The Build-Up #2

It's official: the CAA baseroom is a bomb-site - albeit a bomb-site swaddled in bubble-wrap! The good news is - after a week of hard labour - we're just about ready for New Designers 2015 (and yes, the red carpet escaped unscathed!).   On Monday morning, we're loading this lot into the UCA van (which we're hoping has Tardis-like dimensions...), and setting off for the next leg of this year's ND escapade - the big build at the Business Design Centre!  Wish us luck!