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New Designers 2015 - The Build-Up #3

Let's begin with this rather sad image of the Computer Animation Arts baseroom carpet - moments after we'd packed everything into the van in readiness for our trip to the Business Design Centre for the beginning of our week at New Designers 2015.  Note the sawdust, scraps of sandpaper and offcuts of vinyl... and then goggle in amazement as our not-so-little 6m x 6m square of exhibition space on Upper Street, Islington, transforms from a melancholy, bubble-wrapped tabula rasa into a gloriously retro ACME-inspired factory!  New Designers - we're ready for you!

Everything went inside this van / relief + surprise + huh?



Organised chaos?

The master at work!

Cutting, cutting, sticking, sticking...

Getting there.

Sticking, cutting, sticking, cutting...

Cutting, cutting, sticking, cutting...

Smile please...

and now back to work!

The original 3D visualisation...

... and our completed stand at New Designers 2015!


  1. CONGRATS ON WINNING!!!! I'm so sad i was working on the Wednesday and didn't realise the ticket was only valid for that day D: I was planning on coming Friday, but now I know it wont work I'M SO SAD!!!!! WILL SEE YOU ALL SOON PROMISE, super happy it went well for y'all! x


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