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Post With The Most 31/07/2016

After its brief stint as a workshop-come-warehouse, the CAA baseroom has been restored to its more usual serene self.  As I write this preface to the July 2016 edition of the Computer Animation ArtsPost With The Most, I'm sitting quietly in the baseroom enjoying the cool and the quiet.  With but a few short days before the CAA course team retire to their cryogenic pods in readiness for the onslaught of the new academic year, I find myself in reflective mood.  We've just waved off our most recent graduates, a moment of the yearly cycle that always gets me thinking about former students and their post-UCA adventures.  Accordingly, this PWTM reunites with a few of our alumni, as we learn about their lives as busy creatives, but before that here's a gratuitous Game Of Thrones-themed portrait of our Class of 2016 at their Sky-sponsored New Designers show - and a look back at our week's residency at the Business Design Centre, Islington, as part of the country's biggest…

Tutor Phil @ No 351 aka 'The Old Dark House UK'

At 10pm on the evening of Thursday, July 29th, I locked myself in at No 351, Rochester High Street and commenced an excitingly sleepless night of conjuring and light-play in the rooms and stairwells of this big, empty residence.  I worked through the night without stopping, making the very most of the short night and working very happily with all the light pollution coming through No 351's shutterless windows.  I'll be exhibiting some of this work at Semblance, my up-and-coming September exhibition at Whitstable's Horsebridge gallery, but until then here's my complete first pass of imagery that was more or less successful - and if it looks like great fun, it was!