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Post With The Most 31/12/2013

Despite the fact that for most of us, Christmas 2013 is all but done-and-dusted (save for a few forlorn satsumas), today is only day seven of the total twelve days of the official festive period.  According to the popular carol, I should be presenting to you, loyal reader, with 'seven swans-a-swimming'.  I cannot, sadly, offer you a single swan on this New Year's Eve, but if it's mutant cats you're after, then yes, I can treat you!  Welcome to the final PWTM of 2013, which begins this month with a round-up of some current year 3 projects.  Enjoy - and as per, if you want to take a more comprehensive look at any of the work featured here, you need only click on the featured student's name to view their individual course blog.  Happy browsing!
Tom Farrington - Experiment IX

Emma Foster - The Futurist Garden

Polydoodle Pictures - & Son (a collaboration comprising the talents of Chrissie Peters, Sammy Butler & David Vandepeer)

Barnabas Expression Sheets