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Post With The Most 29/02/2016

Welcome to the latest edition of the Computer Animation Arts 'Post With The Most'. Part progress report, part celebration, the PWTM is a window into our creative community and month-by-month insight into what's keeping us busy.
First up, a selection of work from the year one project entitled From Script To Screen, which challenged first years to derive an idea for an animated short from three randomly selected components (character/environment/prop) and then prepare their idea for the screen.  There is magic to this project, the way in which seemingly incongruous constellations of people, things and places suddenly align to form autonomous stories; the way students' initial disappointment at their randomised selections turns into pleasure as their story ingredients emulsify into complete and compelling stories.
Eleanor Spence

Tom Smith

Lewis Punton

Mark Bridgland

Manisha Dusila

Joe Crouch