Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Designers website - Phil

Not sure if it matters really. But the ND website UCA Page hasn't been updated to include Heather yet:

As I said, not sure if it really matters. Just thought I'd mention it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Here's the jist of it, when I was doing the Illusion bonus tutorial that Alan gave us I can across a problem. When I was laying out the textures they seem to be influencing each other.
Here are some screen shots.



How can I fix this?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Portal 2

If anyones never played Portal, shame on you. It was amazing, and very original. Portal 2 E3 footage is out. Looks stunning.

Worth looking at even if you aren't a video game player. Some of the physics and particles etc are very impressive.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Left Hard Drive

For the second time in 3 years i Have left my Hard Drive attacked to one of the computers in the base room. This time I didnt realise uptill I got home so I cant just turn around and get it right now. It is grey with my name on the back. I someone finds it can they put it in the office for me to collect please.
Thank you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finding out your third year grade.

A couple of people have asked how to figure out your final grade, so I thought I'd publish a quick guide:

Third Year -75%
Second Year - 25%

On registry online it tells you what marks you have and how many credits each one is worth.
You add the Minor Grade, Dissertation, Major Grade, and Major Grade again (because its 60 credits) together, and divide by 4.

So for example, this is what you would do if these were your grades:

Dissertation: 65. Minor: 60. Major: 68.
65 + 60 +68 +68 = 261.
261 / 4 = 65.25

So Third year would be 65.25%.

Second year, do the same, add all the units together, counting the 2 30 credit units twice. Then divide by 8.

Lets say for the example that came to 60.

Third Year - 65.25
Second Year - 60.

Figure out the difference (Subtract the lower from the higher, so 65-60 = 5)

Take the difference, and divide it by 4 (because its worth 25%). This gives you how much to add or take away from your third year grade.
So in this case it would be 1.25.

If the second year grade is higher, add the number to the third year grade.
If the second year grade is lower, subtract it from the third year grade.
So 65.25-1.25 = 64%

The final grade would therefore be in this example 64%.

I don't know if decimals are rounded, thats one for the tutors.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pigeon : Impossible

A new short is out called ; Pigeon: Impossible. I say new, it might be old news. I remember checking out the progress of this quite a while ago now. It's nice to see that it is actually entertaining. Check it out.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Need Help: Xbox 360 Related (RroD)

Hello Bloggers.

Not to sure if anyone will even look at this, let alone be able to help, you wonderful people. It is the first few weeks of summer after all.

In short, my 360 has just got the three flashing lights. Does ANYONE know of a place I can take it to get repaired? Theres no way I'm going to send it to M$ for half the price of the console and wait for 6 weeks for it return... broken.

I need to finish Alan Wake and Red Dead...

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

As I didnt get to comment...

I just wanted to congradulate all those going to ND. Congrats! Rock peoples socks off man! Show them what our course is made of.

As for me, this snag in the road, it will only make me more determined and hard working (sniggers, i doubt that, i work hard enough) to end up where i want to or maybe even lead me somewhere else...

The show, I thought it was a the beginning of July? Hmm, maybe i was thinking of ND. Well, see everyone there at least and have a last shizzle, or would it be shozzle? :D

Good luck guys!

This have nothing to do with uni but, i need help in finding an indian dvd store

I am going home on Friday to see my family and I am getting them gifts. I got my brother and sister some games they might like to play, but I haven't got anything for my mum. So I thought of getting her some Indian films for her to watch but I don't know where they are sold at, if no one knows them I am going to get my mum a teddy bear or two. So if anyone knows where I can buy Indian DVDs please tell me.

Keep your morale high.

Just thought you guys might enjoy this if you haven't seen it yet.

Official England World Cup 2010 Song: Shout, Shout, Let it all out!

Official World Cup 2010 Song: Give me Freedom, Give me Fire.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

New Designers......war stories?

Good Morning 3rd Years, I thought I would put a post up regarding both my thoughts and experiences in relation to New Designers and the run up to the exhibition.

The most significant difference to when we attended ND and this years show is that we took the whole year group, was this the right decision? Hand on heart (and with the benefit of hindsight) I do not believe it was, the feedback that also came back from the organising team also appears to bear this out. Of course the fact that criteria for selection has had to be put into place by your tutors is going to result in disappointment for those not selected. However ND is NOT the culmination of your degree experience and therefore it should in no way be seen as a way to justify your participation for the past 3 years.

I can understand the guidelines for admission that Phil and Alan have put into place, and if you talk to students on courses like Applied Arts, Design, Branding and Marketing etc. in particular those that have been attending ND for a while, you will find that they also have selection criteria, in fact it is pretty much standard to only select the optimum work available. This is harsh and some may deem unfair, but hopefully when I describe my experiences later then that will explain why it needs to be this way.

Right that’s the elephant in the room brought into the open, now what can you expect from the run up and the show itself? Well I am not sure how much guidance you have had from Phil etc. However we had representatives from our group attend meetings at ND to be briefed on the procedures, protocols, health and safety etc. Use these opportunities to start your networking with people outside your chosen field, the experience of attending and putting on a show like this is not too far removed from working as part of, say, a large games company. Your contribution may seem small and it is easy to get daunted by the size of ND however what you provide contributes to the whole experience. Preparation is important to ensure you are showing your best work, I honestly felt that the run in to ND was more stressful than that of the final submission. Our group was fortunate enough to have been able to transfer a lot of the preparatory work from Framestore to ND, in regards to user interface, promotional bits and pieces etc.
What you should find, being a smaller group, is that you will mesh better as a creative team and should hopefully pull equal amounts of weight and balance the workload amongst yourselves.

What can you expect from the show itself? Well opening night is the best side of the event, this is where industry types will come out of the wood-work, expect to talk to lots of people not from the CG field and crossover applications. CG is under-represented at ND compared to illustration etc. be very surprised if you meet someone from one of the significant studios, if you do then rip their arms off, pin them down and force them into an opinion.

The rest of the show can be interesting as well, if you can, take the opportunity to meet and great with your peers in other disciplines, they may be needing a CG artist soon. However be prepared for lots of kids and prospective students, essentially you will a sales person for the course, use the opportunity to practise your social skills but don’t take too much from it personally. Hopefully being a smaller group should avoid some of the pitfalls that we suffered. Watching a group of teenagers sniggering over one of your colleagues work, trying to play games on the Macs, visiting for the free bubble gum, no-one clicking on your thumbnail for hours (then when your work starts showing click straight off)etc. can be a bit demoralising. When it gets like that then you wonder why you had bothered lol. There is no validation to be found at ND at all.

Would I have selected my own work for ND? Despite getting a 2:1 etc. No. I consider that my final was too specialised for a general audience, what I created was an attempt at the invisible world of CG, so it would never hold a general audiences attention like a character animation especially since it was lost in a sea of them.

Would I do it again? Yes, at the time I would have been hard pushed to explain why, maybe I’m just a masochist lol.

If you guys have any questions regarding ND then just yell, what I have written above is just a brief outline of what I saw.

Also the degree show is where you should be enjoying yourself in the community that you have just spent the last 3Years, bring the folks, friends, siblings and celebrate the fact that you made it, plenty of people don’t complete, many, many more do not even have the steel balls to attempt it.

Monday, June 07, 2010

New Designers Participants Announced!

New Designers Participants Announced;

Jon Stewart (Kiiro Blade/Medusa)

Heather Young (Burt)

James Garner (Sound of Thunder)

David Keefe (Timothy Winters)

Pol Winandy (Kiiro Blade)

For those who haven’t been selected for New Designers 2010 there will be obvious disappointment, but it’s important to remember that selection for ND doesn’t correspond to the aggregate percentage of your degree award (i.e. second year marks + dissertation + minor + major). New Designers is a graduate show – not a degree show. The UCA degree show – at which all student work will be exhibited – is on from 21st – 24th June, with the private view on the evening of the 24th.

Selected students need to provide a comprehensive collection of ‘pipeline’ images – (original sketches, concept paintings, storyboards) – at 300dpi. Images are for screen-printing, so they should be greyscale, cleaned-up, with an emphasis on graphical boldness, expressiveness of mark-making and good use of negative space. All images are to be screen-printed in a single colour onto white canvas so need to be strong, striking and impactful. We also need wireframe images (black on white) of your characters, environments, and props for turning into screen-printed imagery.

Students need to supply this imagery on disc by Tuesday 8th June at the latest, as there is much to organize and little time in which to do it!

Selected students need to attend a meeting on Monday June 14th at 11am in the CGAA baseroom to discuss the event and its organization.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Important dates for 3rd years?

I was just wondering about dates and times for new designers and our digree show etc?
As I want to get stuff booked off work so nothing clashes
But thought I'd post up on here so everyone else can see

Thanks in advance

Friday, June 04, 2010

Degree Results

Students can collect their degree classification letters from the Faculty office on the ground floor on:

Thursday 1st July @ 12 Noon

Any letters not collected by 15.45 will be posted 1st class to your home address.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Want to be a Runner on a feature film?

A feature film shooting on Dover on Monday 7th of June 2010 would be delighted to welcome a couple of trainee runners onto their locations/AD department for the day from 18.30 - 00.00.

There is no pay, but you would be able to take meals with the crew.

If you are interested, please send us your CV asap to