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CAA Cinema: The Squibbening

Some of you may recall how, as a child, I was fascinated by prosthetics, creating my own blood and gore effects, and faking my own gruesome death... Looks like I'm not the only one!
THE SQUIBBENING from Jay Cheel on Vimeo.

Post With The Most 30/11/2016

And so it begins - first comes the John Lewis Christmas advert, next, the John Lewis Christmas advert parodies.  Sofa companies everywhere are promising you can have that hateful marshmallow of a three-piece suite delivered to your home in time to accommodate grandma's Port and Lemon-induced coma. It can only mean one thing: November is over, December is here.  
As another month is consigned to history, another spankingly new edition of the Computer Animation Arts PWTM goes live.  Despite the efforts of John Lewis and co, it's still too soon to break out the Christmas similes, so I won't yet be comparing the PWTM to an over-stuffed christmas stocking brimming with eye candy, but I will say that it's all much more exciting than a dog on a trampoline!
We're focusing on our year three students this month, who are all motoring along quite nicely. You'll meet Cat Barber and Julien Van Wallandael who, working together as Tsygan Productions, are creating an animated …

FAO CAA Year 2 and 3: Staff Absence

Year 2 & 3 Students
Unfortunately I'm not well and therefore will not be in the University tomorrow (Tuesday 29th November). Justin's classes however will take place as normal. Any students needing urgent advice please feel free to email me or leave and '@Alan' post on your blog. 
Thanks Alan

FAO Everyone: Phil Not Around On Monday

Dear all - just letting you know I'm not around on Monday (tomorrow), as I'm chugging through the Year 3 draft dissertations before my UCA trip to Slovakia at the end of next week.  In again on Tuesday, as per normal.  See you then!  If you let people know via your respective social networks, I'd appreciate it.  Many thanks.

CAA One-A-Day: Grand Theft Auto for Kids (Adaptation inspiration?)

Animated short mashing GTA with the style of Dora the Explorer, with amusing and frankly twisted results. Could even be a little bit o fun inspiration for upcoming 2nd year Adaptation projects :)