Friday, March 31, 2017

FAO Yr1 Showreel Info

*(Post still being edited)*

Oliver Sin Reel 2015 from Oliver Sin on Vimeo.

Showreel Do's :
- Keep it fresh, flowing, fun and professional
- Royalty free music

Lesson content list:

Some useful links :

FAO CAA Year 2 and 3: Staff Illness

Staff Illness: Friday 31st March

Unfortunately, I'm not well today and therefore won't be in the University for drop-in tutorials. If anyone has any immediate questions please email me directly or post on your blog with an '@Alan'.

Apologies, Alan

CAA One-A-Day: Dante's Lunch

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Tombola Of Dreams 2017 - More Prizes Announced!

Tombola Of Dreams 2017!

'We're going to need a bigger prize table!'

Get your tickets now @ the UCA Online Store!

Sony Smart Blu-Ray and DVD Player with Wi-Fi and Built-In Apps!

Funko Pop Ghostface!

Funko Pop Demogorgan!

Funko Pop Alien!

90cm x 60cm Wolverine Poster

90cm x 60cm Iron Man Poster

90cm x 60cm Captain America Poster

and another two Tetris lights!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

CAA One-A-Day: Red Rainbow

The stuff of nightmares?  An amazing looking cheese dream! 

FAO CAA Yr 1: Fantastic Voyage: Send Me Your Scripts

Just a reminder to send me your scripts as .doc files.  Many of them needed a polish or a tonal tweak, and they should all go via Dr Klappa before you commit to voice-over artists.  The importance of getting your narrations etc. sooner rather than later cannot be over-estimated. Your narrations will give you your timings for screen action and likewise your overall duration.  In this sense, the narrations will give you the truest impression of what you need to be doing next!  I'm working from home tomorrow, so I'll have some time to consider your scripts.  Get them written - and emailed today!

CAA Yr 2: Butch Auntie Internships / 10 Places On Offer!

Pete Wallace at Butch Auntie is looking for 10 students to begin work on a big project for a big client - with internships commencing on Monday May 15th.  Internships for Butch Auntie enable participating interns to work from home or campus.  Pete is looking for 10 students who are prepared to commit 100% to the opportunity.  It is likely the duration of the internship may be 1 month or longer, so you need to make space in your diaries and be sure you can give Pete your time and attention.  If you're interested in participating (and why would you not be?) please email me to confirm your interest by no later than the end of this week.  When there are more interested parties than placements, Pete will make his selection on the strength of your blogs, so if you are putting yourself forward for consideration, can you please ensure your respective blogs are suitably professionalised, up-dated, and looking the part.  Please share this notification widely and ensure your classmates have seen it.  Many thanks.

FAO CAA Yr 3: Dissertation Proformas @ Your Ucreative Email Accounts

Your Dissertation proformas have been emailed out to your Ucreative accounts.  If your proforma hasn't arrived, drop me an email and I'll investigate.  Share widely!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

FAO CAA Yr 1: From Script To Screen / Soundscape Proformas @ Your Ucreative Accounts

Your FSTS & Soundscape Proformas are available now at your Ucreative accounts.  Please read your feedback carefully.  Remember, these percentages are formative - for your guidance and for your reflection.  You need to seek to apply the feedback to your Fantastic Voyage strategies and learn from your experience.  I don't want to be giving the same advice or pulling you up on the same stuff at the end of the year when I'm assessing your FV submissions - so make good use of your feedback and make it work for you.  Any problems or queries, just drop me a line.

Monday, March 27, 2017

FAO Everyone: Post-Tombola End Of Term Meet-Up @ Wetherspoons / Friday 7th April

Just letting you all know that there'll be a post-Tombola End-Of-Term meet-up at Wetherspoons, Rochester - everyone is welcome, and it's just a chance to wind down after another very busy term on CAA!  It's always a good opportunity to actually talk to some of your fellow students - yes, even those in different years to your own!  These things work best on the principle of 'the more the merrier' - so now is not the time to (still) be shy.  We're a nice bunch.

FAO CAA Yr 1: Animation Class On Friday - We've Changed Things!

We've made a change to your final timetabled animation session on Friday this week.  You're originally scheduled to have just an afternoon formative crit on your animation showreel at 2pm with Nat and myself.  I realise this is an 'ask too far' for a group of students who have been busy preparing for their pitches this week.  So, Nat and I have agreed that you should attend your animation classes as per previous Fridays, but that Nat will be working with you in terms of readying your showreels for the final Toolkit submission on Monday May 15th.  Note, there are no Maya classes this Friday - just your animation classes.  Can you please ensure all your classmates have seen this information - many thanks!

Tombola Of Dreams 2017 - A New Prize Announced!

Tombola Of Dreams 2017 - Prize Draw Friday April 7th @ 5.30pm

New Prize Announced!

Wacom Intuos Pro Small Graphics Tablet!

Purchase Your Tickets Now @ the UCA Online Store

FAO Year 3: 46 Days Until Major Project Submission

FAO CAA YEAR 2: The Sculpting Class on Tuesday is a Go - Repost

Good news year 2!
The missing materials have arrived just in time for the start of the sculpting classes on Tuesday. Therefore the scheduled classes will go ahead as planned. For those of you who haven't chosen your characters yet or bought the appropriate materials please make sure you do so 'before' the class. Also, please make sure you know which group you are in. See this link for further info. 

Note: Please pass this info on to anyone you may feel won't see this post.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

FAO CAA Yr 1: Fantastic Voyage / The Pitch / Group Announcement!

Your group allocation for the Fantastic Voyage pitches are as follows:

Monday @ 10am / Group A

Jen, Mike B, Ruth, Polly, Paris, Alex P, Joe, Douy, Karolina, Mishka, Graeme, Rhia, 

Tuesday @ 10am / Group B

Sam A, Laura, Jess, Alexis, Maddi, David, Greta, Ellie, Jack, Anabel, Anastasija, Mike K, Zoe

Can you please make sure everyone as seen this please.  Many thanks.
I'm really looking forward to it!

IMPORTANT: Do not be late! Be in the baseroom by 9.50am at the latest!
Group B students are welcome to attend the Group A pitches - and visa versa.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Tombola Of Dreams 2017 - Only 14 Days Before The Big Prize Draw!

Alert! There's only 14 days until CAA's Tombola Of Dreams Prize Draw on Friday 7th April!
Go to the UCA Online Store to purchase your tickets now - a maximum of five!

A quick run-down of what's on the prize table this year...

A Nintendo Switch!

Dovetail Games : 3 months career mentoring - including: face to face meetings (1 a month), email/skype support, CV/Portfolio review & feedback, interview coaching and advice on getting ready for the world of work.

Dovetail Games : A Studio Tour

GarageFarm.Net Render Credit Vouchers:

1 X $400 of Render Credits
1 X $200 of Render Credits
1 X $100 of Render Credits

Freecom One TeraByte Mobile Drive  x 2

Framed Original Production Storyboard from The Empire Strikes Back

Giant Sci-Fi Beanbags x 2

Mathmos Lava Lamp

Special Edition Monopoly Sets x 5

3D Planar Female Anatomy Figures x 3

... and so much more - click on the Tombola Of Dreams 2017 label for all prize announcements!

The Supplement: Hiroshi Shinno

"Kyoto-based artist Hiroshi Shinno’s dreamy insect sculptures are... influenced by organic materials, such as leaves and flowers, which Shinno painstakingly creates from resin, then paints them in outlandish colors."

Friday, March 24, 2017

CAA One-A-Day: Are You Lost In The World Like Me?

This is very bleak.  It's also a music video.  It might just be a documentary.

FAO CAA YEAR 2: The Sculpting Class on Tuesday is a Go

Good news year 2!
The missing materials have arrived just in time for the start of the sculpting classes on Tuesday. Therefore the scheduled classes will go ahead as planned. For those of you who haven't chosen your characters yet or bought the appropriate materials please make sure you do so 'before' the class. Also, please make sure you know which group you are in. See this link for further info. 

Note: Please pass this info on to anyone you may feel won't see this post.

FAO CAA Yr 1: I Haven't Forgotten You!

Just wanted to reassure you that I haven't forgotten about you or your assessment feedback for From Script To Screen and Soundscape.  They're all done and ready to go, but as is traditional, I won't be sending them out until Tuesday afternoon - after you've pitched for Fantastic Voyage.  I'll announce on here when they've been sent to your Ucreative emails.  Until then - I know you're busy, and probably feeling a bit of pressure, but stay focused and remember that the pitch is an opportunity for constructive feedback - not an execution!  Don't over dramatise it - just be ready to communicate your idea effectively.  I'm genuinely looking forward to Monday.  Watch the blog on Sunday night for the announcement of your respective groups.  Until then... onwards!

Thursday, March 23, 2017



Due to a meeting both Phil and I will not be in the University tomorrow (Friday). Therefore there will be no drop in tutorials. Please email any questions you may have to us and we'll do our best to get back to you quickly instead. Phil will be back in the University on Monday and I will be back on Tuesday if you have any further questions.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

FAO CAA YEAR 2: Sculpting Class Reminder - Rescheduled Dates and What to Bring

For those people who weren't at last weeks film screening and as a general recap for 
those who were...

Page 1: Dates

The dates listed above are the new dates for classes. The classes have been rescheduled due to the interim crit, meetings, and to give you more time sculpting. Please see the previous post (link) for more details on times and groups. Please note March 28th is yet to be confirmed. Confirmation will be posted on the blog ahead of time.

Page 2: Orthographs

During the class we're going to be sculpting a small maquette bust of a character. The character is going to be something you choose. Therefore please find / draw a series of images (front / side/ three quater) that will help you understand your character and print them out to a rough scale (detailed in the example image). It is not always possible to find exact orthographs but try to generally gather images that will help you understand your character three dimensionally. If you would like feedback on your choice(s) please upload it to your blog with an '@Alan'.

Page 3 & 4: Good and bad choices

When choosing try to avoid celebrities, caricatures, detailed designs, and mechanical characters. Instead choose characters with forms which allow you to focus on creating simpler forms and personality.

Page 5: What you will need to bring.

1) Pliers / Wire Cutters: You will only need these briefly on the first day so if you can borrow or share sets of pliers it will reduce the cost.

2) Super Sculpey: This is available from the stores (Lower 4th Floor).

3) Sculpting Tool(s): You will only need basic tools for this class. Ideally a set which includes a tool with a rounded end (like a miniature finger). For example the tool on the far right of this image (link). You may also consider buying a set of dentist tools from Amazon (link) instead.

4) Tin Foil & Marker Pen: Again you won't need a great deal of tin foil or a pen very often so its worth sharing with someone else.

5) Optional: Dividers / Custom Sculpting Tool: If you have an old drawing compass (with pencil) it can double up a set of measuring dividers. Also, an old (or new) pencil with a metal collar (for a rubber) can be turned into a custom rake tool. If you have either of these bring them along.

Monday, March 20, 2017

FAO CAA Yr 1: Tutorial Times With Kath / Thursday 23rd March

See below - your individual tutorial times* with Kath are listed below.  The tutorials are taking place in an office at the far end of our corridor - it's the office after DMO (the room in which Simon H resides when he's not teaching you Maya!).  Please be on time - as Kath's schedule is very tight. Can you make sure everyone has seen this please - many thanks.

*@ Douy - apologies, you're on the list but it doesn't apply - ignore.

FAO Year 3: 53 Days Until Major Project Submission