Wednesday, March 29, 2017

CAA Yr 2: Butch Auntie Internships / 10 Places On Offer!

Pete Wallace at Butch Auntie is looking for 10 students to begin work on a big project for a big client - with internships commencing on Monday May 15th.  Internships for Butch Auntie enable participating interns to work from home or campus.  Pete is looking for 10 students who are prepared to commit 100% to the opportunity.  It is likely the duration of the internship may be 1 month or longer, so you need to make space in your diaries and be sure you can give Pete your time and attention.  If you're interested in participating (and why would you not be?) please email me to confirm your interest by no later than the end of this week.  When there are more interested parties than placements, Pete will make his selection on the strength of your blogs, so if you are putting yourself forward for consideration, can you please ensure your respective blogs are suitably professionalised, up-dated, and looking the part.  Please share this notification widely and ensure your classmates have seen it.  Many thanks.

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