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Design: Drawing Hands Detached from the Body - Drawing Tips from Aaron Blaise

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The Supplement: The State of the VFX Industry - 'The Race to the Bottom: What's the Story Behind Bad CGI? (2020)' and 'Life After Pi. (2014)'

"The Race to the Bottom: What's the Story Behind Bad CGI?"
by Bessie Yuill. 2020
In the wake of a string of visual effects disasters, such as ‘Cats’, ‘The Call of the Wild’ and ‘Dolittle’, Bessie Yuill investigates the highly skilled, over-worked life of a VFX artist. - Some (very short) extracts are included below but I recommend you read the full article - link here.

"Cats was one of the most talked-about disasters of 2019 – especially in terms of its visual effects. Tom Hooper’s movie musical was rushed into cinemas with dubiously attached tails, Judi Dench’s visible wedding ring, and unsettling “digital fur technology”. Critics across the globe rushed to point out the errors, which only made the film feel more like a bizarre collective hallucination."
"As for what he (Joe Pavlo, Chair of the Animation and VFX Union branch at BECTU) thinks is behind sloppy CGI and bad working conditions (see below), he says that visual effects are “kind of late to the…

Animated Short (One-A-Day): Coin Operated

"Coin Operated" by Two Ghosts

"Coin Operated" is an award-winning 5 minute animated short film that spans 70 years in the life of one naive explorer. This film was proudly made by independent artists.

Cinema & Storytelling: How MacGuffins Can Ruin Movies

"How MacGuffins Can Ruin Movies" by Just Write

MacGuffins are ubiquitous in Hollywood blockbusters, and are often the root cause of overly simplistic storytelling. In this episode, I take a look at the pitfalls of using this narrative device, as well as 5 ways to make this trope more interesting, unique and effective.

Animated Short (One-A-Day): The Adventures of Indiana Jones

"The Adventures of Indiana Jones" by Patrick Schoenmaker
"Famous archaeologist Dr. Indiana Jones is on a quest of a lifetime, but this time he is fully animated in this passion project by life long fan and artist Patrick Schoenmaker. Over the course of 5 years, he has crafted the opening sequence of what would be the tv series to make all other tv shows redundant: "The Adventures of Indiana Jones"!"
As mentioned above this film was hand-crafted by Patrick Schoemaker over the course of 5 years (amazing!). Below is a selection of pre-production and production work, including clay scutlptures. You can take a look at more of Patrick's work on his website and blog -

The Old Curiosity Shop: Minoru Takeyama

Minoru Takeyama in a name that many of you will probable have no knowledge of, yet his influence has imparted itself on Tokyo's cultural skyline.His use of strong geometric volumes combined with playful bold graphical treatments form the backdrop for the Shibuya and Shinjuku districts of Tokyo. 

Educated in Japan and the USA, he worked with, among others, Harrison & Abramovitz, Arne Jacobsen, H. Larsen, Sert, and Utzon. He established his reputation with certain buildings incorporating aspects of popular culture in his designs, becoming a member of ArchiteXt in 1971, and developing an interest in architecture as a system of signs and language. His most highly acclaimed buildings were the populist Ichiban-kan and Niban-kan, Tokyo (1969–70), the ‘Renaissance’ Cultural and Commercial Complex, Kyoto (1983–6), and Tokyo International Port Terminal Building 

Cinema & Storytelling: The Life and Death of 3D

"The Life and Death of 3D" by The Royal Ocean Film Society
The Royal Ocean Film Society explores the history of trying to make the movie going experience 3D (Stereography) and the latest attempt and decline.