Wednesday, April 23, 2014

FAO Everyone! Stopping Blogger from auto adjusting your images.

I've noticed that a few people on their blogs have complained about their images being brightened when they upload to Blogger and have no idea why it's happening. It's not your fault, Blogger is trying to be too smart for it's own good!

Google rightly assumes that 99% of the world are posting pictures straight from their mobile phone or cheap digital cameras and do not colour correct or lighten their images for poor lighting etc. Unfortunately they apply this logic to everything else, and in the case of the Computer Animation Arts community, it's not always helpful because we tend to colour correct ourselves in a specific way which doesn't always conform to what Google defines as a 'correct' image. Naturally, this get's very irritating because the image you upload to blog doesn't always come out as you intended, often it looks terrible. After you upload your image just double check with the original that it hasn't been auto-adjusted. If it is being adjusted then there's a couple options.

Here's the easiest solution but you need a Google Plus account:

If you don't have a Google Plus and don't ever want one, then I've found the only way to stop it from auto-adjusting is to upload your images as flattened 8bit PNG's.

I hope this helps!

Monday, April 21, 2014

CGAA Misc: 3D Printing Meets Stopmotion = Bear On Stairs!

"This short animated experiment of a seemingly CG bear climbing stairs is garnering a lot of attention on the Internet because it’s actually a CG bear printed as 50 separate 3-D models and then animated in stop motion. The bear was produced as a collaboration between two London-based companies: design firm DBLG and animation studio Blue Zoo... Rather than using 3-D printing to create organic-looking models a la Laika, DBLG and Blue Zoo printed models that retain their low-poly CG appearance. The slight imperfections in the 3D printing and filming processes give the animation an indescribable warmth that can be felt by the viewer while still retaining the mathematical accuracy of CG animation...'  More at

FAO CGAA Year 1: Unclaimed Scholarship Worth £1500!

I've just been made aware that there's an as-yet unclaimed UCA Scholarship worth £1500 for Kent-based students progressing to Year 2 of their degree studies.  I've emailed more information and an application form to your individual ucreative accounts... Deadline for applications is June 20th.  Get in there! :)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

CGAA: One-a-Day: 'It's Smarter to Travel in Groups'

'It's smarter to travel in groups' ad campaign for buses. Cute!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Easter from Blue-Zoo!

Happy Easter from Blue-Zoo everyone. With our new animated short - enjoy!  

Dragon designs: Modelled in ZBrush

Chick designs

Chick renders: Created using Maya XGen hair & rendered in Arnold

New Designers 2014: Preparations Are Underway!

As some of you will be aware, preparations are already underway for this year's show at New Designers 2014.  We took delivery this week of nine bespoke picture frames - one of which is very big indeed! - which have been primed and painted.  Another forty-plus picture frames have been spruced-up similarly in readiness for our London show.  What are we up to, exactly?  More updates soon!