Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Open Day / Saturday 29th October / CAA Suites Open For Business

This Saturday is Open Day, which means you're welcome to work in the CAA computer suites between 9am and 2pm.  Make the most of the additional access.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

FAO CAA Yr 3: Dissertation Group 3 Tutorials / Monday 31st October

It's just been pointed out there's a discrepancy between the week-by-week timetable and the dissertation schedule - Group 3's dissertation tutorials take place on Monday 31st October, and not today (Tuesday 25th) as shown on the week-by-week timetable.  Apologies for the confusion - course leader error!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

FAO CAA Yr 1: Project #2 / The What If Metropolis 2016: Examples Of Previous Student Work & OGR Requirements

At Tuesday's What If Metropolis ('WIM') briefing @ 2pm / Lecture Theatre 1, you'll encounter Computer Animation Arts' 'mysterious blue box' and everything about the way this brief works will become clear and your next creative adventure will begin in earnest.   

By way of preparation, I want you all to spend some time looking at the brief and likewise these examples of previous student work, which should demonstrate quite clearly the relationship between concept art and the creation of highly original digital sets in Maya.  Also included in this post is the date and requirements of your first OGR - which takes place very soon after the briefing.   You need to think about your time management from the outset, as you have a lot to do in seven short weeks!

Wednesday, 2nd November is your first 'WIM' Online Greenlight Review (OGR)

Your OGR is to be presented as a single Scribd presentation on your blog, beginning with your name, date, and project title.  Save your documents as PDFs before uploading to Scribd, as this should mitigate against formating glitches. Your OGR presentations should be uploaded to your blogs on Wednesday 2nd November.  Written feedback will follow as a 'comment' on your OGR post.

'WIM' OGR Part 1: What do you need to present?

1) A brief written summary of your artist/designer's key principles/ideas/themes/concepts/works (i.e. you need to show me that you've researched your WIM collaborator thoroughly).

2) A definitive influence map illustrating your artist/designer's key principles/ideas/themes/concepts/works (i.e. you need to show me that you're able to identify and isolate the visual language of your WIM collaborator effectively).

3) Your travelogue - minimum 1000 words: describe your city to me! (What it looks like, who lives there, what characterises the city, what makes it unique? Your travelogue should be highly descriptive, as you'll be using it from which to derive your thumbnails, concept art, production art and final digital set. You should of course give your city a name!).

4) Your thumbnails in response to your own travelogue (numbered please) - minimum 75.

5) In addition, your OGR should evidence that you are up-to-date with your film reviews and ongoing CG Artist's Toolkit project work (life-drawing/Maya tutorials/Nat's animation exercises etc). Students who use their OGR to manage their weekly tasks in this way manage their workloads more successfully.

Please note: your OGR should be a professionally presented, spell-checked, with an emphasis on graphic design, layout and project branding.  For an example of what I'm looking for from you at this first creative checkpoint see below:

Please use your network of creative partners and social networks to ensure everyone has seen this post and is familiar with the requirements of the OGR 02/11/2016

FAO CAA Year 1: Your 'What If Metropolis' Project Brief Is Available Now @ myUCA

Your new project brief is available now on myUCA/SpaceandEnvironment/WhatIfMetropolis
Take a look in readiness for Tuesday at 2pm in Lecture Theatre 1

The What If Metropolis... from concept art to Maya digital set in seven weeks! (Deanna Crisbacher)

Friday, October 21, 2016

FAO CAA Year 2 and 3: Minor Project and Narrative and Character Submission Dates Revised

Year 3: Minor Project

Please ignore the typo on your timetable regarding the submission date. The date should read:

Thursday 12th January 2017
Year 2: Narrative & Character

As previously discussed the submission dates for Narrative & Character have been revised to:

Narrative: Tuesday 13th December 2016
Character: Tuesday 10th January 2017
Please update your calanders accordingly.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Coming Soon / Trailers

So, what have we got here? Lots of highly seductive, expertly machined trailers for films that look keen to break the recent spate of blockbuster-sized 'meh'.  Personally, I think Hugh Jackman looks very fetching with a beard, Fassbender might get me to finally watch a game-to-film adaptation on the big screen and Verbinski's A Cure For Wellness looks wonderfully uncanny.  As for Guardians 2 - well, all I can say is bring it on, because the first one was the most fun I've had at the cinema for an age.  Ah trailers - the victory of hope over experience!