Monday, December 09, 2019

FAO CAA Year 1: 'WIM?' Submission Checklist & Final Crit Requirements 13/12/2019

What follows are instructions for your crit presentations and reminders of what you need to present and submit. Any queries, please e-mail and I'll clarify where necessary.

In response to your original concept art you are asked to design your own ‘What if?’ metropolis. You are asked to produce a single rendered image of a digital set derived from original production art. Production design for your metropolis should demonstrate clearly your understanding of the principles and processes of production design and the ways in which environments communicate their visual concept through careful consideration of the mise-en-scène. Your digital set must be textured in accordance with the digital set pipeline and incorporate a fully integrated matte painting. Aspect ratio for final scene should be 16:9 (HD 1920 X 1080). 

You are asked to produce a comprehensive blog archiving and annotating your creative development for the duration of the unit. You should use the blog to reflect critically upon your own creative practice and the wider cultural and thematic context of the unit.

Important! Your blog must include:

1) Your final scene.

2) Your What If Metropolis 'Art Of' as Scribd document.

3) Your 16:9 concept art for final scene.

4) Your key assets as production art.

5) Your key assets as orthographic design sheets.

6) Your Travelogue – minimum 1000 words.

7) 100 supporting thumbnails (minimum).

8) Your final matte painting and its development.

9) Animated GIFs of your digital paintings/matte paintings in progress.

10) Your influence maps.

11) Supporting Artist/Designer research presented as a Scribd document.

12) Your Production Designer Profile as a Scribd document.

13) Complete reviews of the Space Oddities film programme. Please note – in addition to and support of your own critique, your reviews must include a minimum of 3 quotations from 3 different published reviews + poster art + supporting stills. Please note - Harvard Method must now be used for all quotations and all illustrations to be referenced correctly. Reviews are to include bibliography and illustration list.

14) Your digital set pipeline : Pre-Viz, Wireframe Model, Untextured Model, UV Maps, Texture Maps, Textured Model, Lighting Tests, Rendering Passes (Beauty, Ambient Occlusion, and Effects).

15) Your final submission must include a short reflective statement. A reflective statement is a statement in which the student considers their experience of a project. Reflective statements are used to understand past events, learn lessons and identify best practice.

You will present on crit day from a blog-embedded Scribd document (not your Art Of!) that should, in terms of structure, follow the order of pages as given below.
  1. Title page, giving your name, unit title and date of presentation.
  2. Name of your city.
  3. One short extract from your travelogue (a key description).
  4. Definitive production design influence map.
  5. Final concept art (environment).
  6. Final production art (key assets).
  7. Orthographic drawings (key assets).
  8. Matte painting.
  9. Final WIM render.
  10. Build-up (digital set pipeline)
  11. Final WIM render.
We expect a high level of professionalism from our students, so please give the preparation of your crit presentation the requisite care and attention. Your presentations should be branded, spell-checked and polished. Think creatively about your crit presentation, but don't clog your content with unnecessary typography etc. Avoid complex backgrounds.  Avoid unreadable typefaces.  Your presentation should serve your content sympathetically. Keep it simple - only include what you've been asked to include.

Important: please note, your WIM crit starts at 10am sharp. You need to be in Lecture Theatre 1 by 9.45am.  The order in which you'll be presenting your work will be randomised, which means any one of you may be presenting first!

If circumstances beyond your control prevent you from attending on time, you must contact Hazel Searles before 10am.  Please prepare for your crit as you would for an interview or pitch. For some 'Rough Guide' style advice re. the stuff of engaging crit presentations, please go here.

Important! Please note this is a summative assessment. 

Thursday, December 05, 2019

FAO CAA Year 2: Collaboration Submission

Year 2: Collaboration Submission 12th Dec 2019 (by 10am)

Online submission on your studio blog and your personal blog (by 10am)

1) The animated short.
2) Making of document/presentation (PDF)
3) Up-to-date studio & personal blog

The Presentation (10am - 1pm)

For the presentation please make sure to follow the order below...

1) Play your animated short
2) Give your presentation
3) Answer any questions
4) Recieve feedback

Peer Assessment (1pm)

For assessment, you are asked to complete 'peer assessment' form in which you assess yourself and the other members of your group. This will be done online (via the tutorial website) and be pivate and confidential.

Reflective statement 16th Dec 2019 (by 5pm)

Please write a reflective statement on your personal blog. This text should reflect upon your own contribution to the collaboration. It is important to be analytical, critical, and rewarding in your text to help your assessors understand how you see you work and performance during thi sproject. Please write no less than 200 words. An 'exemplar' example statement (Third year/Minor Project) can be found here.

Film Reviews 13th Dec 2019 (by 5pm)

This submission is online and on your personal blogs. Please create a series of links to the film reviews you have written and posted on your blog. There is no need to repost these. 

Any questions please ask.