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Tombola Of Dreams - 26 Tickets - 12 Days

With only 26 tickets remaining and 12 days before the CGAA Tombola of Dreams starts spinning and the winner of that much sought-after Cintiq is announced, it's time to purchase your 'golden ticket' at the Online Store!If you know of anyone who is yet to buy their ticket, first smile sweetly - and then make them...  It's all for a great cause - a spectacular show at New Designers 2014!

Post With The Most 30/03/2014

As of now, British Summertime is go, bringing with it thoughts of pellucid blue skies, sun-burned shoulders and long, drowsy afternoons hushed and lullabyed by the buzz of bees and the Proustian jangle of far away ice-cream vans...  
How cruel then - how insensitive! - that British Summertime begins just as our community of students hit their busiest season, their noses so hard to the grindstone, that the outside world goes unremarked upon and unnoticed.  But the twin seductions of fresh air and actual physical exercise must be resisted for a few weeks more; there is work to be done and new standards to be set as the academic year powers up for the final push.
This month's Post With The Most is a doozy, and if any further evidence was needed that CGAA @ UCA Rochester is doing extraordinary things pretty much on a daily basis, let this be it, with content expressing the full breadth of our creative ambitions.  With projects ranging from artful expositions of the sex-lives of bryop…