Thursday, September 26, 2019

FAO CAA Year 2: And the Collaboration groups are...

Hello Year 2.

The announcement I know you've all been waiting for is here...drum roll please...the Collaboration teams (groups) are...

Team 1 – Vic, Ren, Kate
Team 2 – Divine, Terry, Chelsea
Team 3 – Alexandra, Coyle, Katerin
Team 4 – Ted, Louis, Tom
Team 5
Vincent, Odette
Team 6
Karris, Shannon, Olivia

There you go, the long wait is over and it's 'Avengers' time. What next?

1) Make contact: Make contact with your team and exchange details such as email addresses, blog addresses, and phone numbers (just those for now - more info on communication later at the briefing). Make sure that your email addresses and numbers are reliable. Finally, please respect each other's privacy where necessary. We have Kate and Chelsea joining us (welcome!). Their blog addresses are listed below.

Chelsea -
Kate -

2) Form a studio and start a studio blog: For this project your team will be asked to form an animation studio and create a studio (team) blog. You can do that now using Blogger and considering the following...

- Give your studio a name: For example, like 'Bad Robot' (J. J. Abrams studio / Star Wars / Star Trek), Aardman Animation, or Naughty Dog. Think carefully about this and do your research. Avoid childish names, things that are overly violent, or unrelated. E.g. 'Flaming Death Skulls' - That's fine for a band but not a studio. The theme of the project is comedy meets animation so try to keep it fun, light, and professional in tone.

- Branding: Once you have your studio name you will need to start branding your studio and giving it a graphical identity. For example, a logo, the design / layout of your blog, and thematic direction. The key words here are graphics and branding. Again, before leaping in do your research. Branding is something often philosophical /emotional, such as a statement of quality, intent, or perceived personality (think Coke or Pepsi). Graphic design means considering everything from font to layout to colour to reflect branding. Remember, again be careful around tone and try to think professional / outward focusing as you design - Tip: design for the World to see not just your tutors / University. Here are two examples from the current third year...

- Invite us: Once you've set up your blog send us you new blog address. Our emails are: and

- Basecamp: To help you communicate and organise your work this term we're going to be using This will be explained in more depth during the briefing but for now please email me ( your email addresses so I can invite you to the site. Please do this as a group - One email with all of your emails inside. I will email you back - one by one - with an invite to Basecamp.

3) Skills: Take time to list what skills you think you can bring to the team. Be honest with yourself, what were your highs and lows in year one? Are you a leader? Are you a project manager? Are you a designer, modeller, or animator? What would you like to improve? Make a list and bring it to the briefing in week one.

If anyone has any questions please post them in the comments or email me at -

Good luck everyone and see you at the briefing! - Alan

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

FAO CAA: Year's 2 & 3 - Your timetables are now available online *UPDATED*

Years 2 & 3 Timetables are now available + Update

Apologies everyone, there has been update to your timetables. Two were uploaded at the same time - Better two than none, right? Obviously, we're working hard to get everything set up for you. The timetables are basically the same with minor changes (detailed below). I have added new links to the combined timetables. Can you share this information with anyone you may think will not see this update.

Year 2: You can find your timetable on MyUCA under 'Collaboration/Teaching Materials'. Your first project briefing is for Perspectives and with Joe Taylor  on Wednesday 2nd October at 2pm in Lecture Theatre 1. The Collaboration, Character Design, and Toolkit 2 briefings will take place on Thursday 3rd Oct starting at 10am in the CAA Baseroom. - The year 2 has date changes for submission.

Collaboration group project: I am sure you are all wondering which groups you are going to be in. We are currenlty in the process of putting those groups together and I will announce them (here) by the end of this week. Exciting!

Year 3: You can find your timetable on MyUCA under 'Minor Project/Teaching Materials'. Your first briefing will be for your Thesis briefing on Tuesday 1st October at 10am in the CAA baseroom with Joe Taylor. The Minor Project and will take place on Friday 4th October at 10am (in the CAA baseroom) with me.

Any problems or questions please contact me. Thanks, Alan.

Friday, September 06, 2019

CAA Careers: Become a Student Ambassador - Gain valuable skills and get paid!

Get paid to represent UCA!

Fully flexible, paid positions - represent UCA at:
Open Days
Career events
Campus Tours...

Gain valuable skills including:
Time Management
Organisational skills

No minimum participation required - work to suit your other commitments! Excellent hourly rate of pay.

Closing date for applications 2nd October

For full details, and to apply, see HERE

Monday, September 02, 2019

CAA Careers: ScreenSkills

ScreenSkills is the industry-led skills body for the UK’s screen-based creative industries – animation, film, games, television including children’s TV and high-end drama, VFX and immersive technology. They work across the whole of the country to ensure that UK screen has access now, and in the future, to the skills and talent needed for continued success.

They offer ... careers advice - see HERE
                  ... bursaries - see HERE
                  ... advice on freelancing - see HERE

...and lots more! See HERE!

CAA Careers: Guru Live London - 14th & 15th September

Guru Live London

BAFTA's annual festival of talks, workshops and masterclasses

The place to be to learn from BAFTA-winners, industry professionals and up-and-coming talent! Take the next step in your career or simply share the passion for all things film, games and TV.

14th and 15th September

There is still time to get your tickets for only £6!

For full details, see HERE