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FAO CAA Yr 3: Email Me Your Scripts

As preparations for New Designers 2016 begin behind the scenes, I'm asking third years to email me their respective scripts as Word files.  By 'scripts' I also mean the poems you've been working from. As part of CAA's stand this year, we want to use these text elements as part of the space, much like the current CAA exhibition in the Zandra Rhodes Gallery.  If you're working from spoken word, then send me some short transcripts.  I know some of you haven't worked from a text-based story idea, so you won't have a script - don't worry, I'm sure we'll enough examples between us. Many thanks!

YPGTTO: Kingdoms Of Sound Speed Paint Challenge #12 The Brass City / The Trumpet District

Speed Paint Challenge #12 The Brass City / The Trumpet District

Trumpet: The trumpet is constructed of brass tubing bent twice into a rounded oblong shape. It has the highest register in the brass family. As a signaling device in battle or hunting, trumpets have a very long history, dating back to at least 1500 BC.  The trumpet’s sound is metallic, bright (but also dark in the lower register), intense, brilliant, powerful and stately.

You can listen to the extract (below) as many times as you like. We don't want literal images of the instruments associated with the extracts, but we do want your concept paintings to associate with the shapes, forms, structures, mechanisms, colours, materials and special characteristics of the specific instrument - and the moods evoked by the music extract itself.  
We do want to get a sense of spaces and places - of being 'within' these various districts of our Kingdom Of Sound.
Think of the relationship between the instrument and the extract …

Post With The Most 28/03/2016

I always like this time of year on Computer Animation Arts. There's a constant humming sound emanating from our busy creative community. It's like shoving your ear against a beehive! At time of writing there are just 33 short days before submission day and everyone has their eye on the prize (and on the clock).  Blogs are lighting up with updates and everyone is engaged in their most ambitious project thus far.
Our Year One students have been commissioned by Dr Peter Klappa, lecturer in bioscience at the University of Kent. Dr Klappa's brief challenges our first years to turn a series of bioscientific scenarios into engaging animations for a variety of audiences.  This year, Dr Klappa's scenarios are the life-cycle of HIV, and of the Zika virus, the immune system and how it reacts to infection, and how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics.  A few weeks back, our first years pitched their respective ideas to Dr Klappa, who was wowed by the range and diversity of th…