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Tablet problem

This evening I received the last details and everything what was missing for my cintiq, but again... I've set the avg output, Installed the tablet driver from cd that I had and don't know why, computer only reacts to the pen touch and lcd screen says "no sync". I've connected everything correctly, checked few times, restarted computer few times too. I have no clue what could pssibly go wrong, maybe someone could help me?

Maya probs again, sob, sob.

Anyone know why my UVimage is all blurry.

Please help :(

CGAA Year 1/Unit 2/Space - 'Visual Concept' Literature on myUCA

You may have taken a look at this stuff already, but if not, please have a read of the production design/cinematography literature available to you in Unit 2/Space/Unit Materials/myUCA

Maya Woes - again...

Hello peeps,
hopefully a quick fix is all I need. I have a particle effect in my scene and when looking at it in the window and playblast the particles are perfect. When I render them however, there gone. I guess there invisable. I've tried ,Maya hardware, Maya software and Mental Ray renders but to no avail. Is there a setting wrong somewhere. Its ONLY when I render it.

It's smoke created using the 'create smoke' effect but I changed sprite to cloud. If I import a particle effect made at uni, it renders, but ones made now don't.

Edit: Scratch that. It seems to be all particles. They appear fine will working, but not appearing at all in the final render. But I imported particles from a 2010 file I made at Uni and that rendered fine, just not the one's created on 2011 it might seem.

For the 1st Years. Some concept art for influence.

Just found my old collection of art books on my hard drive from my anime/manga-geek times. I don't think you can find these on the internet or in our library so i'll post some stuff here. Maybe someone will find this usefull.

Enviromental Concept Art from the movie "Akira"

FF9 Concept Art

FFX2 Concept Art

Ghibli Mitaka

All 2nd Years: Movie Gimmicks of the Past...

Check out the link below to see some top rate movie gimmicks of the past. Inlcuding 'Smell-O-Vision', 'Aromarama', 'Percpto!', 'Illusion-O', 'Cinerama', and 'Split Screen'.

this is haloween! :P