Tuesday, March 21, 2017

FAO CAA YEAR 2: Sculpting Class Reminder - Rescheduled Dates and What to Bring

For those people who weren't at last weeks film screening and as a general recap for 
those who were...

Page 1: Dates

The dates listed above are the new dates for classes. The classes have been rescheduled due to the interim crit, meetings, and to give you more time sculpting. Please see the previous post (link) for more details on times and groups. Please note March 28th is yet to be confirmed. Confirmation will be posted on the blog ahead of time.

Page 2: Orthographs

During the class we're going to be sculpting a small maquette bust of a character. The character is going to be something you choose. Therefore please find / draw a series of images (front / side/ three quater) that will help you understand your character and print them out to a rough scale (detailed in the example image). It is not always possible to find exact orthographs but try to generally gather images that will help you understand your character three dimensionally. If you would like feedback on your choice(s) please upload it to your blog with an '@Alan'.

Page 3 & 4: Good and bad choices

When choosing try to avoid celebrities, caricatures, detailed designs, and mechanical characters. Instead choose characters with forms which allow you to focus on creating simpler forms and personality.

Page 5: What you will need to bring.

1) Pliers / Wire Cutters: You will only need these briefly on the first day so if you can borrow or share sets of pliers it will reduce the cost.

2) Super Sculpey: This is available from the stores (Lower 4th Floor).

3) Sculpting Tool(s): You will only need basic tools for this class. Ideally a set which includes a tool with a rounded end (like a miniature finger). For example the tool on the far right of this image (link). You may also consider buying a set of dentist tools from Amazon (link) instead.

4) Tin Foil & Marker Pen: Again you won't need a great deal of tin foil or a pen very often so its worth sharing with someone else.

5) Optional: Dividers / Custom Sculpting Tool: If you have an old drawing compass (with pencil) it can double up a set of measuring dividers. Also, an old (or new) pencil with a metal collar (for a rubber) can be turned into a custom rake tool. If you have either of these bring them along.

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