Saturday, March 31, 2012

Are You After A Light Box?

Hi there boys and girls. While I was on the look out for a cheap light box I came one at 24.99 (the cheapest I could find :D ) at Argos. Now there are hardly any in stop at the moment (at least the one near uni is) but if you go on there site (by going HERE) can check stock near you and reserve one, or as I did, order one to be delivered which takes up to two days to be delivered (not counting weekends so would come Tuesday) Amazen also do them quite cheap, though a tad more expensive with 34.99 which is the same as Argos, just made of plastic instead of wood. Also its not called a light box in Argos, its called LightCraft A4 (for some unknown reason it would not come under a light box) Anyways hope that helps anyone whom is in desperate need of getting one :) and if you don't know what to do while waiting for it to come, as Phil said, a laptop screen can be quite handy in times like these :)

Have a nice day all and have a nice Easter.

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