Monday, March 19, 2012

Prometheus : More Footage Released

Mainly for you Phil, seeing your past posts around the new Prometheus film, there's been some new trailer releases over last few day.

They bring some more insight to where the film will be taking us, as well as some interesting visuals relating to the Alien universe. Still though, no concluding if it will be a direct link to Alien but it will get you thinking on the subject even more!
So if you haven't pick up on the new trailer releases, take a look.

 - Also a new short viral video has been released, from Ridley's viral campaign for Prometheus.



  1. Hey Sean :) You've made me a happy bunny tonight - thanks for sharing. I just watched the New Official trailer this morning (Paul Lavey caught me - I had the volume in Alan's office ramped up a little too loud!), but the UK trailers shows even more glimpses... this is definitely an Alien movie - synthetics, space jockeys, and alien egg substitutes. I think Michael Fassbender is a robot...

    1. Haha! your welcome. it definitely needs high volume, i had mine right up too. i agree this is looking very Alien with more and more that i see, the bit that get me the most is when, on uk trailer i think, you hear sounds of the motion trackers click, brings me straight back to Alien.
      Also i agree i think Michael Fassbender is a robot, i think the bottom viral video provokes it, and his characteristics and acting seem to give a robot like touch, it will be very interesting to see if anymore viral videos get released up to the when the film is out.

  2. Eeeeeeeee! This is so exciting! I can't wait to hear the soundtrack. That music over the trailer is almost as epic as the visuals are! :D

    It really does look amazing, I just can't believe we have to wait until June! :(

  3. Also, I think we should find one of these for the office:


  4. Michael Fassbender IS a robot. Atleast so does wikipedia say. and throughout the film he develops his own ego, jellousies etc. so so promissing ((:]

  5. June? That's no bloody good! I was going to hire a CGAA minibus and take us all to the cinema - on MPW's credit card! ;) Molly - I'm expecting to see your Weyland-Yutani t-shirt out and about...

  6. *GASP*! NOES! I'll be writing a pleading letter to Mr Scott then, I'm sure he'd understand our plight. I'll be wearing that t-shirt with gusto to see if it makes the time pass faster! I can't wait! :D

  7. That was from Molly, accidently stole Jon's account XD