Friday, April 14, 2017

The Supplement: 3D Sculpting in Virtual Reality

During the sculpting class’s I spoke about how technology changed over the last 25 years and how my approach to sculpting has reflected those changes throughout my career. In the video above is one of the latest developments in the sculpting industry - Virtual reality sculpting using the Oculus Medium. Think ZBrush / Mudbox meets a physical sculpting studio. Whats interesting about this setup is that it brings together the physical with the digital in a manner, which means an intermediary interface such as a graphics tablet is removed. Is that a good thing or bad thing? There are a generation of 3D modellers out there who have never touched clay and prefer a graphics tablet? It’s an interesting development and if it were to catch on a skill base change.

In the second video another traditional method of modelmaking is being employed digitally - 'Kitbashing'. Back in the day props, sets, and vehicles (amongst other things) started life as model kits (Airifx for example). Hundreds of model kits were bought from toy shops and cannibalised to create unique assets. So, next time you look at an X-wing or Star Destroyer look out for parts of a WW2 Aircraft Carrier - Their in there somewhere.

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