Sunday, April 09, 2017

Tombola Of Dreams 2017 : And The Winners Are...

A great big thank you to everyone who bought tickets for this year's Tombola Of Dreams, raising funds for New Designers 2017.  It was a really fun event - and special thanks must go to Charlie Serafini - balloon wrangler - and to his glamorous consultants, Becky Stapley and Ruth Cann, for the extraordinary array of 'Easter bonnets'!  Another big thank you to Jackie Hagan for some mouth-watering editions to the Tombola Prize table - and of course, to Paul at Sound In The City, Lucas at GarageFarm.NET, Mel at 3D Total, Tim at PropStore, and Gemma at Dovetail Games - for your continuing support.

Sigh... I don't think I've ever been happier

Jack: 'I know, Kayleigh - so postmodern.'

Now, that's what I call a prize table!

Charlie & friend

Last minute budget cuts to the new Power Rangers film were starting to show...

The fabled Tombola Of Dreams awaits!

Too much?

Kav rocks her pink and yellow flower hat with admirable dignity

'Take me to your leader...'

CAA gets its ducks in a row

Also available for children's parties

Phil: 'Tombola of Dreams blah blah blah'
Alan:  'I can't believe I'm actually wearing this hat.'

And so it begins!

'I wonder if I can eat this?'

Mark Bridgland 'ducks' the limelight...


'More sugar! Perfect!'

Tumo: 'A cardboard tube? Really?'
Charlie: 'I just love this hat so much.'

Phil: 'I know, I know - I'm looking fabulous in this outfit.'
George: 'Oh dear God...'

While Noah goes cross-eyed with delight at winning another prize, Mike Brook concentrates more of his telepathic powers on the man in the rabbit suit... 'That's right, pick me again, do it, do it!'

Inspired by the release of Beauty & The Beast, Douy does his famous impression of a human candle-stick holding a mushroom...


As Mads wins the Game Of Thrones dragon eggs, the rest of are left wondering from where she got her mini-Mike earring?

'And the Oscar for most Star Wars-y t-shirt goes to...'

Through gritted teeth - 'A weird glowing thing in a dark cellar - no, honestly, Phil - it's just what I wanted...'

Seriously - again?

'But it's my Easter basket...'

'A giant sci-fi themed beanbag?! For me!? Fabulous, darling!' 

'Hi, is that Bradley? Yeah, it's the Easter Bunny here. Guess what?  You've just won a Nintento Switch!'

Charlie 'Five Prizes' Serafini