Thursday, October 16, 2014

FAO CAA Year 1: Invisible Cities - Submission Checklist & Final Crit Requirements 24/10/2014

What follows are instructions for your crit presentations and reminders of what you need to present and submit on Friday, 24th October.  Please use your network of creative partners to ensure that everyone has seen this information and understood it.  Any queries, please leave a comment and I'll clarify.

A new CG animated adaptation of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities is in pre-production. In response to the source material allocated to you at the briefing, you have been commissioned to produce 3 fully-resolved concept paintings of one of Calvino’s fantastical cities.

You have been asked to visualise your chosen city in three different types of shot:

1) Exterior Establishing Shot
2) Exterior Low Angle Shot
3) Interior Establishing Shot

Your concept paintings should be 16:9 and painted digitally.

You are asked to maintain a comprehensive blog archiving and annotating your creative development during the duration of the project. You should use the blog to reflect critically upon your own creative practise, the wider cultural and thematic context of the project, and engage collaboratively with your creative partners, peers and tutors.

Important! Your blog must include:

1) Your 3 finished concept paintings.

2) A minimum of a 100 developmental thumbnails exploring all of Calvino’s cities.

3) Research into your source material presented as a Scribd document.

4) Your influence maps.

5) Your One Point, Two Point & Three Point perspective exercises.

6) Your Concept Artist ‘Who’s Who?’ as a Scribd document.

7) Your creative partnership archived.

8) Reviews of the Space Oddities Film programme.  Please note – in addition to and support of your own critique, your reviews must include a minimum of 3 quotations from 3 different published sources + poster art + supporting stills. Please note - Harvard Method must be used for all quotations and all illustrations to be referenced correctly. Reviews are to include bibliography and illustration list.

9) Your submission disc artwork.

10) All Digital painting exercises from Photoshop workshops.

You will present on crit day from a blog-embedded Scribd document that should, in terms of structure, follow the order of slides as given below.
  1. Title page, giving your name, unit title and date of presentation.
  2. The name of your city.
  3. Your definitive 'visual concept' influence map.
  4. Your final concept painting 1.
  5. Your build-up sequence of concept painting 1.
  6. Your final concept painting 2.
  7. Your build-up sequence of concept painting 2.
  8. Your final concept painting 3.
  9. Your build-up sequence of concept painting 3.
  10. Your three concept paintings together.
We expect a high level of professionalism from CAA students, so please give the preparation of your crit presentation the requisite care and attention. Your presentations should be branded, spell-checked and polished.  Don't clog your content with unnecessary typography etc. Your presentation should serve your content sympathetically. 

Keep it simple - only include what you've been asked to include.

While you will present at the crit from your blog, you must also submit a submission disc to me, which must include:
  1. Final 3 concept paintings.
  2. Your final crit presentation as pdf.
  3. PDF archive of blog. For instructions on how to export your blog as pdf. go here.
Your submission disc should be marked clearly with your full name, and submitted in a case with a printed cover.  Your submission disc artwork might derive from a striking thumbnail or digital painting.  Your cover design should include your name and project title. In terms of branding, you should consider building a visual relationship between the submission disc artwork and the crit presentation itself, so that everything pertaining to your project is clearly 'yours'.

Important: please note, your Invisible Cities crit starts at 10am sharp.  You need to be in the CAA baseroom by 9.45am at the latest. 

Please note: unauthorised non-attendance at a final crit will be counted as a non-submission of work.

Non-submission of work = fail at 0%

The order in which you'll be presenting will be randomised, which means any one of you may be presenting first! 

If circumstances beyond your control* prevent you from attending on time, you must contact Natalie Holmes before 10am. Your project management and professionalism counts - there is an assessment criteria against these skills, remember! Please prepare for your crit as you would for an interview or pitch.  For some 'Rough Guide' style advice re. the stuff of giving engaging crit presentations, please go here.

And finally...

And a note to any 2nd/3rd years - your input on crit day, as always, is welcome!

*But not issues in regard to last-minute technical problems that reflect poor project management.  No student should be working on the morning of crit day. Thursday is your deadline, not Friday.


  1. When you say research into your source material do you want something similar like Julia has done? -

    Also with the Concept Artist 'who's who?' what kind of content should we be putting in there?

    1. Yes - I'm looking for a perfectly packed suitcase in which all your research - Calvino research, architectural research, fixtures and fittings, visual reference, assorted influence maps etc. - is curated and sorted into a cogent expression of your development and your thinking as you've pushed your project from your first ideas to your final concept etc.

      Re. the 'Who's Who?' I want you to tell me something about a concept artist you admire; so, what films they've worked on, their influences, who or what they've influenced; think of it as a mini-lecture on an artist and his work. I haven't been specific about the content because, in truth, I'm seeking to encourage you to be more self-directed and independent. You've been watching and reviewing films, you've been going to your contextual studies lectures... so I reckon, by now, you should be beginning to look at things more critically, and learning too how to express ideas in an appropriately in-depth way... It's over to you now ;)

  2. So yeah practically what I did in the initial research powerpoint? Aha - for the research material?

    And the whos who does it have to be a professional artist who is on sites like Someone whos worked on big stuff., as it were.

    1. That is to say that I need to add the other influence maps from when we began the thumbnail adventure complete or just from when we picked the city?

    2. 'Definitive' means the most representative, most essential influence map - i.e. not the first lot you did, or even the middle lot you did, but a new influence map that curates your most significant influences as you approached the final paintings.

    3. ... and yes, professional/established concept artists please...