Sunday, February 16, 2014

FAO CGAA Year 1: 'From Script To Screen' Submission Checklist & Final Crit Requirements 21/02/2014

What follows are instructions for your crit presentations and reminders of what you need to present and submit.  Please use your network of creative partners to ensure that everyone has seen this information and understood it. Any queries, please leave a comment and I'll clarify where necessary.

In response to the three story components given you at the time of briefing, you are asked to pre-produce an original one minute animation. 

Your pre-production is to be submitted in 2 parts;

1) Pre-Viz, to include:

a) 2d animatic with soundtrack & transitions.
b) Maya pre-viz with soundtrack & transitions

2) An ‘Art Of’ publication, to include:

a) concept art : environment design
b) concept art : character design
c) concept art : prop design
d) Final environment designs
e) Final prop designs
f) Final character designs (character sheets)
g) Final presentation storyboards
h) Final script

You are asked to produce a comprehensive blog archiving and annotating your creative development during the duration of the unit.* You should use the blog to reflect critically upon your own creative practice and the wider cultural and thematic context of the unit.

Important! Your blog must include:

1) Your final CG Pre-Viz.
2) Your final Animatic.
3) Your ‘Art Of’ publication (as Scribd Presentation)
4) Final Storyboards.
5) Final script.
6) Draft scripts/story development – to include:

a) The Development 
b) The Treatment
c) The Step Outline
d) The Premise
e) The Logline
f) Character Biographies

7) Preparatory storyboards.
8) Final concept art for character/environment/props.
9) Supporting artwork for character/environment/props.
10) Supporting research for character/environment/props.
11) Influence maps for character/environment/props.
12) Your film reviews for the ‘Cutting Edge’ film series. 
14) Your ‘like-for-like’ storyboard segment.
15) Your submission disc artwork/branding.

You will present on crit day from a single presentation blog post comprising your 'Art Of' publication, animatic and Maya pre-viz. Your presentation should follow this order: 

Art Of
Maya Pre-viz.

While you will present at the crit from your blog, you must also submit a submission disc to me, which must include: 

Art Of
Maya Pre-viz
PDF archive of blog.
For instructions on how to export your blog as pdf. go here.

You need to take pride in every aspect of your creative submissions and the details do count. In terms of branding, you should consider building a visual relationship between the submission disc and the crit presentation itself, so that everything pertaining to your project is clearly 'yours'. 

Important: please note, your From Script To Screen crit starts at 10am sharp - at which point the doors will close. Any latecomers will join the 'back of the queue' in terms of crit presentations and will present their work at the end of the day in order of their arrival - but only if there is sufficient time. Students who have been in attendance since 10am or before will be given the opportunity to leave the crit at this time. The order in which you'll be presenting your work will be randomised, which means any one of you may be presenting first!

Please note - the crit venue is Rm 806 on the Upper 4th Floor

If circumstances beyond your control* prevent you from attending on time, you must contact Jackie Andrew before 10am. Students should seek to arrive in advance of the start time to ensure they are prepared. Your project management and professionalism counts. Please prepare for your crit as you would for an interview or pitch. For some 'Rough Guide' style advice re. the stuff of engaging crit presentations, please go here.

And finally...


And a note to any 2nd/3rd years - your input on crit day, as always, is welcome. 

*But not issues in regard to last-minute technical problems (including writing of discs etc.) that reflect poor project management. No student should be printing/writing discs/rendering etc. on the morning of crit day. Thursday is your deadline, not Friday.

*For those students who were in Prague last week, please prioritise the completion of your Animatic/Pre-viz/Art Ofs in readiness for presenting at the crit.  You have until Tuesday 25th @ 1pm  to fully update your creative development blog in accordance with the stated outcomes on the brief.


  1. Erm where is the upper 8th floor? ...

    1. oops - I meant the upper 4th floor - just invented 4 other levels there - apologies!