Sunday, November 04, 2012

FAO CGAA Year 1: Unit Space & Environment/Project: Secret Lairs - Your Online Greenlight Review Friday 16th November

Friday, 16th November is your Secret Lairs Online Greenlight Review (OGR)
Your OGR is to be presented as a single Scribd presentation on your blog, beginning with your name, date, and project title. If you are still yet to get to grips with Scribd go here for some easy-to-follow instructions.  I suggest you save your documents as PDFs before uploading to Scribd, as this should mitigate against formating glitches.   Remember - when pasting Scribd embed code into your blog, you must first select the HTML mode tab, then switch back to 'Compose' to view the embedded presentation.  Your OGR presentations should be uploaded to your blogs by 6 pm on Friday 16th November.  Written feedback will follow as a 'comment' on your OGR post.

Secret Lairs OGR: What do you need to present?

1) A written character profile that includes a single definitive influence map and any supporting character sketches.  I want to know ‘who’ they are, ‘why’ they are, and what motivates them. Please note: your written character profile should be concise500 words max.  

2) A short written statement identifying your 'visual concept' in relation to your secret lair (i.e. what are the underlying principles driving your design ideas and from what and where are they derived - and why? This might include your ideas in regard to colour palette, architectural elements, lighting, point-of-view... your mise-en-scene.  Identify and articulate your visual strategies for the design and staging of your digital set.  I want to understand your internal logic, your influences and your decision-making.

3) A single visual influence map that illustrates and unifies your production design for your character’s ‘Secret Lair’.

4) 2) A single visual influence map that illustrates and unifies your production design for your character's 'hero prop'.
5) Your final 16:9 concept art for your final scene.

6) Your final ‘hero prop’ concept art

7) Your creative partnership archived (so far).

8) In addition, your OGR should evidence that you are up-to-date with your film reviews and ongoing CG Artist's Toolkit project work (life-drawing/Maya tutorials/Meg's animation exercises etc).  Your OGR might include links to the corresponding posts and/or images. Historically, students who use their OGR to manage their weekly tasks in this way manage their workloads more successfully.
Finally - you're gunning for a 'green light' - you want to take your 2d ideas into production as soon as possible, so ensure that your OGR is a precision instrument and that your concept is production-ready.
Please note: your OGR should be a professionally presented, spell-checked, with an emphasis on graphic design, layout and project branding.  For some useful examples of previous OGRs, go here  and here.  

Please use your network of creative partners to ensure everyone takes a look at the OGR requirements.  Many thanks.

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