Saturday, January 28, 2012

ISS/NSS Reminder!

Yes - another reminder re. your ISS & NSS survey duties!  

Thanks to those students who have already completed theirs.  A few year 1/2 students have been wondering where to find their log-in details.  Your username and password have been emailed out to your ucreative email address - so that's where you need to look.  You're asked to simply copy/paste this info into the survey's login - to avoid any clerical error.

Again - just to reaffirm the purpose of the surveys - they are the means by which you can assist the powers-that-be to  monitor teaching standards etc. on your degree courses. If you're reading this and thinking 'my input doesn't matter' - you're wrong.  For the resulting statistics to actually mean anything, they need to be representative of your student community - all of you.

It only takes a short time, so find me a few moments and complete the survey - much appreciated.

Go to the original notification here - where you should leave your 'Done it' as a comment.

Many thanks! :)


  1. I'm still being blocked from accessing the page. Every time I log in, I get a notification saying "Your request couldn't be completed" and that "This may have occurred for security reasons or because your session timed out".

  2. Hmm - Jake, if you could send this info to - they should be able to sort out any boring clerical stuff.

  3. When I did it, it never sent me my username or password, however it should be your normal user name and your ID number. I also found the problem with that saying it had timed out, did you follow the link or did you wright it in? As when I followed it never worked but as soon as I wrote it in it worked straight away. Don't know if that will help but there the problems I had and how I got around these little annoying problems :)