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FAO Everyone: Screening & End-of-Term Drinks / Friday 12th April

Dear all... I'd like to invite all of you for end-of-term drinks after the working day on Friday 12th April - and also to a celebratory screening of Marcus & The Mystery of the Pudding Pans in Lecture Theatre 1 before we leave for the pub.  We'll also screen Red & The Kingdom of Sound and some excerpts from the recent Romeo & Juliet performances.  It's been a busy time for the CAA course team and we're up for some show and tell!  I'll put some more information out nearer the time, but speaking personally, I'd like to see everyone make the effort to get out of the building (and out of their bedrooms) and enjoy some old-school inter-year group mingling!  We all need to blow of some steam at this point in the year so let's make an occasion of it!*

*I'll leave a large wheel barrow outside the CAA office for all those chocolate eggs I know you've bought me!