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FAO CAA Yr 1 & 2: The 2019 Internal Student Survey - Launching Monday!

You'll soon be invited to complete the Internal Student Survey (ISS). 

The ISS asks current students for a rating of their satisfaction via multiple choice questions for the following areas: 

1) Teaching
2)  Assessment and Feedback
3)  Academic Support
4)  Organisation & management
5)  Learning Resources
6)  Personal Development
7)  Overall satisfaction with the quality of your course
8)  Students’ Union

There are also free-text questions which ask you to feedback on your course and university experience.

Improving the student experience is a key strategy to our development as a University. The survey is crucial to our understanding of what you think about us. It informs us of the things we're doing well and where they need improving. Your feedback is used to improve the student experience. Results become part of formal monitoring processes within the University.  Put simply, UCA takes your feedback via this survey very seriously so consider your responses carefully.

On Monday, you will be sent an invite email to your UCA email address.  The invitation email will include the link to survey and a username and password.

Watch this space for more information - in the meantime, please share this notification widely via your social networks.  Many thanks.