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FAO CAA Yr 3: Minor Assessment Proformas Available Now & 99 Days!

Your Minor project assessment proformas have now been sent to your UCA accounts. Please read your feedback carefully and closely - and then read it again.  Alan and I have taken time and energy to put things as plainly and as truthfully as possible for you - and our goal is to ensure the terrain of your Major project is clear to you.  Your Major project is worth 60 credits; this is a transformative weighting and has the power to propel students into higher grade boundaries and make real change in terms of your ultimate degree classifications.  

Without exception, all your reflective statements evidenced you'd underestimated the time and effort required to deliver your films on schedule.  If there is one thing all students need to take forward now it's simply this: you need to use every available day with clarity of purpose and with passion!  To help  you focus on the task in hand, I have some numbers for you...

As of today, you have just 99 days before final hand-in!

... as of today, you have just over 14 weeks before final hand in!