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FAO CAA Yr 1: Story / From Script To Screen 2019 / 'Like-For-Like Storyboard'

One of the things on your 'From Script To Screen' to-do list is a 'Like-For-Like Storyboard' - but what is it and what do you need to do?

Simple: you choose a short scene from an existing film, animation or television programme and you break it back down into its individual component shots.  You then need to identify and title those individual shots using the various technical names listed on your 'Storyboard Cheat Sheet' and likewise include the conventions for describing illustrated camera moves (zooms, tracking shots etc).

You need to choose a sequence that is a) not too long, b) not too short and c) characterised by different kinds of shots.  Please understand - this is not about 're-drawing' a movie, it's about learning to 'see' the construction and combination of different kinds of shots so you can approach the direction of your own scripts just as dynamically!

In terms of project-management, I suggest you could start this job now and thus sensitise yourself at this earliest stage to the nuts-and-bolts of storyboarding.

For more guidance on storyboarding principles, techniques, conventions and ideas go to myUCA/Story/FromScriptToScreen/StoryboardingResources.  I'll be looking for evidence in the quality of your project work that you're making proactive use of what we're providing.

Make a start - and enjoy that moment when you start to see the visual grammar of putting stories-on-screen.


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