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FAO CAA Yr 1: From Script To Screen OGR 2 / Wednesday 6th February

Wednesday 6th February is your 'From Script To Screen' Online Greenlight Review 2 (OGR)

Your OGR is to be presented as a single Scribd presentation on your blog, beginning with your name, date, and project title. Save your documents as PDFs before uploading to Scribd, as this should mitigate against formating glitches. Your OGR presentations should be uploaded to your blogs by  Wednesday 6th February. Written feedback will follow as a comment on your OGR post and will take between 2 - 3 days.

From Script To Screen OGR 2: What do you need to present?
  • Final script (as written using appropriate conventions (see Toy Story example and also here).
  • Completed 'first pass storyboard' with illustrated camera moves etc and in accordance with storyboarding conventions.  I want to see evidence you're using your storyboarding resources and applying your understanding of film language to your own 'directing with a pencil'. Also, no stick men! 'First pass' means getting all your shots panelled out without committing to lots and lots of design.  Don't be tempted to 'colour in' or 'make perfect'; you need to ensure your shots are communicating successfully before you polish them up for your animatic. 
  • Your definitive 'Production Design' influence map (the art direction underpinning your story world).
  • Developmental thumbnails & concept art for Character(s) / Environment(s) / Prop(s).

In addition, your OGR should evidence that you are up-to-date with your film reviews and ongoing Toolkit project work (life-drawing/Maya tutorials/Nat's animation exercises/Justin's character exercises etc). Your OGR might include links to the corresponding posts and/or images. Historically, students who use their OGR to manage their weekly tasks in this way manage their workloads more successfully. Please note: your OGR should be a professionally presented, spell-checked, with an emphasis on graphic design, layout and project branding.

Please use your social networks to ensure everyone has seen this message.  Many thanks!