Sunday, October 21, 2018

FAO CAA Yr 3: Thinking Of You As You Prepare Your Thesis Drafts...

This is you...

A message for our hard-working third years who are preparing their draft thesis for this Friday... I just wanted to wish you a productive last few days and to give you a further bit of an encouragement.  Remember, the more you get done, the more helpful I can be, and the more complete and 'final' you make your drafts, the more I can really see what your intentions are and if you're nailing your arguments.  Planning and delivering an 8000 word research-based academic document is not to be sniffed at; you're doing a difficult thing, so well done - and keep going.

You're required to hand-in a paper-copy to Campus Registry between 4-5pm and a digital copy through Turnitin.  Turnitin has been set up to 'not remember' your drafts, so there's no danger of self-plagiarism when it comes to the final submission in January.

I will read and annotate your drafts as soon as humanly possible.  When I'm ready to feedback, I'll publish named Monday morning tutorial timeslots on here so we can meet and discuss.  What I try and do is email out the feedback proformas as soon as I've completed them, so you've got your feedback prior to any tutorial with me.  Short version, when I'm done with your draft, I'll get in touch.

Best of luck for the final push!

This is also you.

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