Monday, July 09, 2018

Post With The Most New Designers Special Edition 2018

Welcome to this special edition of the Computer Animation Arts PWTM showcasing the final films of our 'Class of 2018' CAA grads who spent last week exhibiting their work at New Designers, Islington, London. New Designers is an annual showcase of the very best in graduate design from universities around the UK. New Designers is affiliated with scores of leading companies and organisations which recognise the value of design education and its contribution to the UK's creative industries. As importantly, the show compels our bright young things to get into the habit of talking about their work with confidence and getting people to engage with them, which is no small challenge given the scale and competitiveness of a big London show.

New Designers 2018 was a really successful event  - with both prizes in the Screening Awards going to graduates of Computer Animation Arts.  Lots of business cards went out and all exhibiting graduates were able to boast meaningful conversations with interested parties.  Fingers-crossed all the chin-wagging and extroversion might coalesce into some real opportunities for the 'Class of 2018'.

CAA's Class of 2018 @ New Designers 2018

CAA's stand at New Designers 2018 #1

CAA's stand at New Designers 2018 #2

CAA's stand at New Designers 2018 #3

And now enjoy the final films and supporting project documentation of our graduates - and as you view and browse, remember that three years ago, none of these individuals knew anything about 3D animation technologies or film-making, or the design production pipeline for animation.  They arrived with their creativity and left as highly proficient designers, modellers, compositors, storytellers, animators, producers of animation, art directors and directors.  What an impressive bunch!  Happy browsing!

Rebecca Stapley

Becky Stapley wins the Audience Choice in the New Designers Screening Prize 2018

Deanna Crisbacher

Dee Crisbacher wins Judges' Choice in the New Designers Screening Awards 2018

Thomas Smith

Go here for Havens 'Art Of'

Go here for supporting project documentation

Go here for Art Of

Go here for project documentation

The Final Word...


They bloody well did it!

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