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FAO Everyone: Tombola Of Dreams 2018 is GO!

Light the fireworks! Ring the bells! Shout it from the rooftops... 
The Computer Animation Arts 'Tombola of Dreams 2018' is go!

Tombola Of Dreams 2017 

The Tombola Of Dreams is our big annual fund-raiser for New Designers - our graduate show at the Business Design Centre, Islington.  New Designers is the annual showcase of the very best in graduate design from universities around the UK. New Designers is affiliated with scores of leading companies and organisations which recognise the value of design education and its contribution to the UK's creative industries. 

Our motto at New Designers is 'go large or go home', as it's a hugely competitive and busy show and it's important to make a splash.  Our track record is not too shabby - three golden gongs for 'best in show' and graduates winning multiple awards and securing internships, commissions and employment.

CAA @ New Designers 2017

The way the Tombola of Dreams works is easy: tickets cost £10, you can buy a maximum of five, and you purchase them via the UCA Online Store.  Once you've bought a ticket, I receive receipt of your purchase and log it.  In the last week before the prize draw, you'll write your name on a ping-ping ball (1 ticket = 1 ball / 5 tickets = 5 balls), and then your ball is added to the celebrated CAA Tombola in readiness for the big day - which is Friday May 4th.  I'll be announcing prizes on here throughout the coming days and weeks, but here's a few to whet your appetites! 

A Nintendo Switch!

1 six month subscription to Blue Zoo's online animation school, Animdojo!

$700 render credits @

Visit the UCA Online Store to purchase your tickets today!

This is going to be you!


  1. May the forth be with you! What a great day for the tombola!


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