Wednesday, April 25, 2018

FAO CAA Yr 1: Fantastic Voyage - 'Deluxe' - A Reminder!

So, you're getting busier and busier and your 'to-do' lists are growing ever longer.  This is just a reminder regarding your 'Art Of' project documentation, which comprises an important part of your Fantastic Voyage submission.  Your brief asks you for this:

"You are required to produce a deluxe ‘Making Of’ publication showcasing your creative methodology. Your ‘making of’ should provide a complete record of your project work and should include your research and development, supporting concept art, storyboards, a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at your models and animation - from wire-frame through to finished renders – and your sound-design and post-production. Your ‘Making Of’ should be designed graphically, engagingly and presented professionally."

But what do we mean by 'deluxe'?

deluxe: meaning  luxurious, luxury, sumptuous, palatial, opulent, splendid, magnificent, lavish, grand, rich, superior, high-class, quality, exclusive, choice, select, elegant, well appointed, fancy...

I just want to be very clear about the expectations around this aspect of your submissions, and one way I can do this is by asking you to look at this undeniably deluxe example of an Art Of from a previous student submission.  It's not so much the number of individual pages I want you to reflect upon, it's the scope.  Notice how every aspect of the film's production is captured here, and notice too how all those different aspects are held together by a sense of purposeful design.  This is NOT a last minute exercise.  This is not a generic Powerpoint.  This is what we mean when we say 'deluxe'.

As you continue work on your Fantastic Voyage films, you need to ensure you're also archiving your creative development regularly and with a view to illustrating your pipeline.  When you're producing test renders, decide on an aspect ratio and resolution and stick to it for everything. When you take screen caps in software, make sure the quality is high and they're composed purposefully. Think about the best ways by which you might visualise more abstract processes like texturing. Think about the best ways by which to show animation development using sequences of images. When you're busy and really focused, it becomes easy to forget the archiving of what you're doing, so stick a post-it note somewhere in your eye-line that says 'Remember to archive!'  Your Art Ofs should likewise profile your collaborations - so include a short profile of your voice artists.  You needn't feel overwhelmed; if you create pages as you go along, producing content for your Art Of on a day-to-day basis, you will very soon accrue a wealth of imagery and information in readiness. If you haven't started developing your Art Of documentation, start it today.  

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