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FAO CAA Year One: Your Pitch Groups Announced!

Your Groups for the Fantastic Voyage Pitches are as follows:

Group A (10am - CAA Baseoom - Monday)

Francis, Juanjo, Annie, Meg, Tia, Divine, Tom, Ollie

Group B (10am - Lecture Theatre 1 - Tuesday)

Emily, Georgia, Dante, Alfie, Adri, Nelly, Filipe, Sandra, Frankie

Just a reminder of what you need to present:

1) Audience Research & Definitive Influence Map

2) Fully-Realised concept art: format 16:9 (3 images minimum)

3) Presentation quality animatic with SFX.

Presentation should last no longer then 10 minutes.

You are required to present; you may not feel everything is absolutely where you wanted it to be, but this is a really important opportunity for feedback from your client and an invaluable experience in its own right.  You'll be presenting from your blogs as you would for a crit, so ensure you have a 'Pitch' post organised, as opposed to making your client watch you fiddle around moving between individual blogposts.  

IMPORTANT: Do not be late! Be in the room by 9.45am at the latest!
 Group B students are welcome to attend the Group A pitches - and visa versa.

Best of luck everyone. I'm genuinely really looking forward to it!