Tuesday, April 17, 2018

FAO CAA Year 2: Acting Class 'Finals' Schedule

Acting Class 'Finals' Schedule
10am - 1pm

Group 1: “Live forever”
Jack, Douy

Group 2: “Think twice”
Joe, Anabel, Greta

Group 3: “I’ve got to get through this”
Ellie, Anastasija, Rachael

Group 4: “Stop right now”
Rhia, Ruth, Aureo

2pm - 5pm

Group 5: “Back for good”
Jess, Laura, Jen

Group 6: “All that she wants”
Alex, Karolina, Paris

Group 7: “I should be so lucky”
Graeme, Alexis, Michaela

Group 8: “End of the road”
Noah, Sandra, Polly

Group 9: “Nothing compares”
Krissy, Michael, Almu

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