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CAA Careers: Work placement opportunities with DreamingFish

You might remember that back on the 26th February I introduced Woking-based DreamingFish Productions to you... I'm very excited to be able to now announce that the studio have said that after looking at your blogs, they would like to offer some work placement opportunities! 

You can read more about the studio HERE

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and introduce yourself to Animation Manager Luke Brown - ... tell him I sent you ;)

And just in case you need it, here is a reminder of what Luke has to say about showreels -

'A good showreel is absolutely vital! No one looks at CV’s in this industry, you are completely judged on the quality of your reel. I would say keep it to an absolute maximum of 60 seconds, there is considerable drop off in views for showreels and any online video past the 60 second mark. Make sure ONLY your best stuff is in there, if there’s one project you’re not sure whether to put in your reel and are only putting it in as filler, take it out. One single bad shot in a showreel can tarnish the whole piece.

Keep it short, snappy and the viewer wanting more! (Also make sure your contact details are on the end!)

Try and do some creative editing to your chosen music track too. If you’re not an editor then get an editor to help you. A good edit of a showreel is just as important as the content.'