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FAO Everyone: The Number 66

Dear all... today was the Fantastic Voyage briefing for CAA Year One.  The briefing presentation always concludes with a number.  That number is 66.  It's 66 days until the final hand-in for Fantastic Voyage on Friday, May 11th.  This means CAA Year Three also have 66 days until the the hand-in of their Major projects.  Meanwhile, CAA Year Two, who hand in their Premise projects on Thursday May 10th, have 64 days until deadline day...

66 days = 9 weeks & 3 days

As of Monday morning, the group blog will be publishing a submission countdown - a little something to focus your thoughts - and your schedules!


  1. Hi Phil, the brief says our Premise deadline is May 10th, has it been changed or is that a typo? :)

    1. I was doing the maths too Graeme...I'm sure it's a typo, as the 19th is a Saturday ;) I'm sure Phil will confirm... :)

    2. I hope so I told phil I am on holiday from 14th to 18th of may

  2. Oh no - I've put the cat among the pigeons - yes it was a typo! The number was wrong, but the maths was right! All changed now!


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