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FAO CAA YEAR 2: Toolkit 2 Checklist Overview

Year 2: Toolkit 2 Overview

Above is an overview of where you all are currently with Toolkit 2 (Drawing, Animation, Maya) based upon your 'checklist' submission. In some cases classes are currently active and in other cases the classes are finished. The percentages listed are calculated based upon both instances (see column titles). However, in all cases you are free to improve any part of Toolkit 2 for the final submission at the end of the year. Remember, this is just a snapshot of now and with effort you can change these percentages quickly.

Pipeline 1: Please note that 'Pipeline 1' contains vital information that you will rely on in year 3. It contains 55 tutorials and is approximately 72 hours long. If you leave this tutorial to the end it is highly unlikely that you will complete it. Losing important information in the process.

Character design: Feedback (from Justin) for your character design submission will be posted on your blog's on Monday.


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