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FAO Everyone: Aladdin / March 1st / You're Making You're Own Way There!

So, we're off to the Prince Edward Theatre for the 2.30pm matinee performance of Aladdin on Thursday 1st March!  How jolly exciting!  We're all making our own way there and back again (as a number of you are already in London or planning on doing something else afterwards etc), so you'll have to get yourselves organised!  I've got your theatre tickets and you'll need to collect them from me before the show begins.  Knowing you lot as I do, I'm asking you to be at the Prince Edward Theatre by 2pm at the latest.  I don't know this to be sure, but it's likely they won't admit late-comers into the theatre after the show has started, so please don't cut it fine, because if you miss the show (or indeed half of it!) there'll be nothing anyone can do!

So - 2pm @ the Prince Edward Theatre.

Go here for directions/nearest tube/Google maps!

If you're travelling up from Rochester, I suggest you clump together and arrive en-masse.
Co-ordinate your watches, people! 


  1. Do you know around what time it will end?

    1. The show runs for about 2 and a half hours, so should finish around 5 o'clock.


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