Wednesday, February 28, 2018

FAO Everyone: Aladdin Is Postponed Due To Snow - Rescheduled for Thursday May 17th!

You've probably been expecting this... Yes, the snow has officially scuppered our plans to see Aladdin tomorrow.  However, after much negotiation behind the scenes with the box office, we have rescheduled our tickets for the matinee performance on Thursday May 17th!  It's a like-for-like swap, so same seats, same people - different day!  Please make a note of this in your respective diaries, and also please ensure everyone has seen this. I'm going to do my best to get it out as far and as wide as possible, but please put it in your group chats and get the message out.  Many thanks!


  1. Really sorry phill but my other half and I cannot make the 17th of may due to us being in Paris that week on holiday

  2. Okay Laura - what we'll do is get two other people to purchase your tickets from you (so give you the cash for the two tickets) - you can help me out by asking your classmates - the date wasn't up to me, you see... apologies for the disappointment...

    1. Thank you Phil I will ask everyone now :)

  3. Hi Phil, Unfortunately this new date means myself and Sam will be unable to attend :( we're away visiting friends and seeing a band on that night

  4. Okay - that's a shame - so the same applies as with Laura above - Plan A will be to get someone else to pay you for your tickets - worst case scenario is I'll pay for the tickets and then I'll organise selling them on... you will get your £££ back - promise! :)