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FAO CAA Yr 2 / Perspectives / Tutorials Group A / Timetable Change

This is a message for those Year 2 students who are scheduled to have individual Perspective tutorials with me on Monday 5th March;  I'm off to Lyon, France, for another live screening of Red & The Kingdom Of Sound on Saturday 3rd March and I'm now scheduled to return on the Monday, not the Sunday.  This means I won't be where you need me to be for your individual tutorials - apologies! - so I'm going to suggest we re-schedule your tutorials for Friday 9th March - see below for your respective time-slots.  If this causes any of you an issue, let me know and we'll sort something.

Jen @ 9.30

Jess @ 9.50 

Laura @ 10.10 

Michael @ 10.30 

Ruth @ 10.50 

Michaela @ 11.10

Alex C @ 11.30

Rhia @ 11.50

Graeme @ 12.10

Noah @ 12.30 

Polly @ 12.50