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FAO CAA Yr 2: Perspectives: Example OGR (For Andrew's Feedback)

Just a reminder to complete your 'Cone Of Cogency' and upload a suitably high-res & readable image of your Thesis plan to your blog.  I'll leave feedback over the course of the week.  Add an @Phil to your post and I'll try not to miss anyone.

Here's a reminder too of the structure for next Monday's OGR.  You need to have your Thesis presentation on your blog by 5pm on Monday 19th.  I'll then send the urls to Andrew and he'll leave feedback over the course of that week.  Also included here for your reference is Dee's OGR presentation from this time last year.  Note the Research Proforma entries at the end (well in excess of 6 entries and you should be seeking to be similarly ambitious) and bibliography.  Remember, you're producing these presentations for someone else - so please ensure your spelling, grammar, and formatting are all suitably professionalised and really importantly, you've actually given this exercise the time, attention and reflection it requires of you.  It won't be long until you're actually writing up your structures for your summative hand-in, so keep the long-term goal in mind - a thesis dissertation that is fit-for-purpose, that will save you valuable time, and will deliver the grade you want.