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CAA Careers: Work opportunities...A chance to enhance your C.V.

Introducing Leda Entertainment, an up-and-coming Games Development studio! 

Leda Entertainment are looking for 3D artists and animators to work as 'interns' on their latest game, 'Bullion - The Curse of the Cut-Throat Cattle'.  These are initially unpaid roles that can be worked on alongside any other committments that you may have, but that have the potential to earn, should the game be successful!  What the roles WILL do, is give you valuable work experience, and enhance your C.V.s no end...

Here's what Leda say about themselves and the roles...

"Here at Leda Entertainment, we have been making games since our student days, and now operate side projects on our own time in tandem with our day jobs. 

We have launched several titles - primarily for mobile - over the last seven years. During this time, we have come into contact with a number of people, primarily new and recent graduates, who are looking to get a job in the games industry, but are stuck in the catch-22 situation of requiring a published title and/or experience. 

Since we are not looking to fund our livelihoods through our games, we decided to look at how we could use our love of making games and the experience and contacts we had gained, into something that could potentially help these people. From this grew the idea of C.V. Incubation - we work with teams of these young job-seekers to create games on the understanding that the primary objective of the exercise is to give them the "published title" to list on their C.V.s; monetary gain is a secondary consideration, but should a game prove successful, profits will be split accordingly. In many ways, it can be considered similar to an internship, albeit unofficial, and working around any other commitments (eg: day jobs, family responsibilities) the team members have. 

Currently, the process is in a pilot phase, in which we are focusing on a single game ("Bullion - The Curse of the Cut-Throat Cattle"), and taking a very hands-on role as programmers as well as project 

coordination. We have already taken a demo version of this game to a number of exhibitions, and gained considerable interest, all of which we hope will help further the futures of the young job-seekers working with us, and we are looking to add more 3D artist/animators as we start moving towards a preview version and eventually a commercial release for the game. 

Should this project prove successful (ie: increase employer interest in those working with us, or one or more then progressing into a paid role in the game development industry), we are then looking at potentially expanding the process to involve young programmers as well; in this situation, we envisage bringing together and then mentoring and coordinating a number of small teams working on their own games, which will ultimately be released under the Leda Entertainment studio banner, giving the team members their "published title".

We are currently looking for more 3D artists and animators to work on Bullion - if this is something your students (especially those approaching graduation) might be interested in, please feel free to pass on our contact details. More information on Bullion can be found on the game's website - - including examples of the art style."

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, you can contact Leda HERE - choose the 'C.V. Incubation' option... Good luck!


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