Monday, February 12, 2018

CAA Careers: Introducing Kilogramme Animation Studio

As promised, I have made some contact with animation and design studios up and down the country and today I would like to introduce an award winning animation studio in Manchester -

Here is what they have to say about themselves...

'Kilogramme is an award winning animation production company based in Manchester's Northern Quarter. Established since 2005, we produce a wide range of design led multi media animation from interstitials, shorts and adverts for broadcast and online... We cover all aspects of production, from initial concept and design right through to final post production.'

I put some questions to Director, Jon Turner -

Is working in a studio or working independently more fulfilling?

I prefer a studio as you have more people to develop ideas with and learn from. Working from home can be a little lonely. Having said that some people prefer to work that way.

How does working as part of team help you?

Working as part of a team can improve your work immeasurably. It's very rare for one person to do everything well. Teamwork allows you to bounce ideas off of people, until they become fully formed. If you have to do everything you'll probably spread yourself too thinly.

What are the best skills to have for employability? What do you as a company seek in a potential employee?

Work out what you want to do and do it well. If you want to animate, show you can give a character life. If you want to design, show you have a strong hand and have found your own style. We look for someone who can do the job, or that we can work with to get them to the right level.

How important is branding and being active/promoting yourself on social media?

It's a good way to keep you in people's thoughts, without being too pushy.

What is the best way to prioritise things that you want to learn such as a new program if there are so many things that you want to learn at once?

Choose one thing and do it well. It's always quality over quantity. If you do that one thing well, you'll actually have more time to learn the other things afterwards.

Check out the Kilogramme showreel here!

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